Some enemies make idle sounds to make them easier to track.

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HEART OF THE SUNRISE is the first mission of the LIMBO layer. A far cry from the grungy industrial aesthetic of Prelude, Limbo is a serene outdoors environment filled with vegetation.

However, not all is as it seems; even a cursory investigation will reveal that everything is false, from the sounds of wildlife, to the water, to the very sky itself.

The challenge can be completed upon entering the secret level, spoiler below in the Secrets section.

Major Areas[]


The room where you first start the level, nothing special about it. It has some trees, a half-buried Malicious Face, 4 pillars and a Cerberus fountain in the middle. Later on, coming back to this area with the Blue Skull, 4 Strays will spawn on the pillars and 10 Filth on the ground.

Waterfall Arena[]

Where enemies first begin to appear, and the Drones are introduced. Initially, 2 Drones spawn in front of the door. Killing both Drones will summon 4 more, one in each corner of the arena.

Nailgun Rooms[]

A couple of halls after the waterfall arena, you'll find a Nailgun sitting there, and when you pick it up, a Malicious Face spawns, allowing you to test out your new weapon.

In the next hallway, the game will tell you how to set up traps using the Attractor Nailgun. Following this, the hallway will fill with Filth, followed by Strays and Drones.

You get the blue skull and backtrack to the blue skull pedestal.


After getting the blue skull, you can enter this place and a bunch of Strays and 2 Drones will spawn.

In the next room, 2 Schisms and 4 Strays will spawn. When you kill them, 6 Drones will teleport in. Killing them will open the exit.

Ranking Requirements[]

Rank Kills Time Style
S 76 4:30 8,000
A 70 5:00 7,000
B 60 6:00 5,000
C 40 8:00 2,000



  • (Soul Orb) - In the room with the Red Pedestal, behind a discolored panel.
  • (Soul Orb) - Through the door to the left of the Red Pedestal, at the top of the tall stone structure.
  • (Blood Orb) - Under the waterfall; approaching it will summon 3 Drones.
  • (Soul Orb) - In the Nailgun hallway, behind the darkened stained glass window.
  • (Soul Orb) - In a secret cavity in the large hall before the last arena, found by climbing up the wall to the immediate right of the blue door.

Secret Exit + Challenge[]

This level's challenge (Complete the level in under 10 seconds) can be completed easily by using the Marksman Revolver to toss a coin into the fountain at the beginning of the level, which will reveal the secret exit that leads to 1-S: THE WITLESS.


  • After defeating all enemies in the Waterfall Arena, resetting back to the last checkpoint will unload the next room without closing the door, revealing the black void out of bounds; the door will close as normal upon activating the arena.
  • The enemy placement in the nailgun hallway was altered in the Soul Survivor update to encourage experimentation with the Attractor Nailgun.
  • In the demo there was a Hideous Mass arena similar to the one at the end of 1-3 but you were unable to fight the hideous mass as the level would end when it came out of the ground.
  • This level is part of Overture because it was the final level in the demo.
  • This level's name is possibly a reference to the Yes song of the same name.