"If only we knew the suffering that would befall us next..."
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The ATTRACTOR NAILGUN's magnets can be attached to enemies to make mobile targets easy to hit with nails.

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CLAIR DE LUNE is the fourth and final mission of the LIMBO layer, and introduces V2. It takes place in a large manor at night, with Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune playing softly throughout the area.

Major Areas[]

The Manor[]

The manor consists of five main rooms: the Bedroom, the Dining Hall, the Courtyard, the Painting and the Skull Room. As with all Climax stages, no enemies will spawn outside of the boss arena. Most of the level takes place in this area, though technically you do not need to stop here, and can continue directly through it to reach the V2 Arena. A painting of Gabriel is upstairs, which can be walked through in order to retrieve a blue skull.

The Dining Hall[]

Located downstairs and to the right, the Dining Hall consists of a long table with one place setting and a fireplace. To the right of the chair, some loose boards can be found, which, when attacked, break to reveal the first blue skull of the level.

The Skull Room[]

The Skull Room is located upstairs on the left. Initially, the door is locked and cannot be opened. V1 must enter from the window, located in the Courtyard, to reach this room initially. The only decoration in this room is a pedestal where the second blue skull can be found. When inside, a wooden beam is shown to be blocking the door. This beam can be easily destroyed, and doing so will allow the door to open and shut freely.

The Bedroom[]

The Bedroom is located through the doors up the stairs and to the right. It consists of a broken mirror, a bed, a bookshelf, and a small table with an open book. By punching it, V1 can pick up the book and scan the contents. Doing so opens a text box reading the following:

"... My mind is adrift with the eternal torments. Lurid vistas painted in insidious tones, hollow walls that scream to the touch. A mocking song plays at all hours, even the sounds of birds are fake. All reminders of my enduring damnation.

Gabriel my dearest friend, in endless penance I have awaited your embrace into Heaven. I have been so faithful, accepting of my fate, but to what end? What punishment is this, that I am to bare the keys to my own doom with no hope of salvation... These skulls sneer their devilish grins, voices chattering, tempting me to take the plunge deeper into Hell... I won't do it.

I've hidden them away amongst the furnishings, books, and the very foundations of this accursed place. Forgive me Gabriel, I will await your..." REMAINING TEXT: IRRELEVANT.

The Courtyard[]

The ground floor left door leads to a courtyard, where a large locked door can be found with Slab IV in front of it. By pressing all of the Slabs in the previous Limbo Missions, pressing this final slab will open the door, allowing V1 to obtain the Alternate Revolver Form. Also in the Courtyard is the window to the Skull Room, found to the above and to the left of the door to the rest of the Manor.


A headless skeleton can be found in the center of the second floor of the Manor, kneeling in prayer to a stained glass painting of Gabriel. The words "FORGIVE ME" are scrawled in blood in front of the skeleton. Punching the skeleton while holding a blue skull will place the skull onto the skeleton's body. After a moment, text appears reading "Nothing happens, but you feel a strange satisfaction. You decide to name it Hank."

V2 Arena[]

The arena is a large room behind a blocked door; three Blue Skulls must be brought to the pedestals in order to unlock the door.

The arena consists of a large skylight on the ceiling, 4 pillars that are on the corners of the center of the arena, a bunch of grass and flowers on the floor even some hanging on top of the pillars, 2 large stained-glass windowpanes on both sides of the room, and another glass pane on top of the exit door that gets broken after you trigger V2's intro animation when you step past the halfway point of the arena.

Ranking Requirements[]

Rank Kills Time Style
S 0 2:15 600
A N/A 3:00 500
B N/A 4:00 300
C N/A 5:00 150


Challenge Tip
The entire manor section can be skipped by dealing any form of damage to the stained glass window above the locked arena door, similar to the window allowing access to the upper-left room, any amount of damage can destroy

Skull Locations
GABE WINDOW: The stained glass window depicting Gabriel is actually a hologram; passing through it will reveal a Blue Skull overlooking the locked Arena door.

DINING HALL: In the ground floor dining room, the blue glow of the skull can be seen through a set of destructible floorboards.

BLOCKED ROOM: A room blocked by a large board; can be accessed through a destructible window in the Slab Chamber courtyard or by using special attacks from the outside (A Projectile Boost, the Knuckleblaster shockwave, or the Malicious Railcannon can be used).

BOOKSHELF: Upstairs of the manor, go to the right door and push the bookshelf by walking into its side.


  • Like the other weapons, the Alt Revolver and Knuckleblaster can be reobtained every time the Mission is reentered.
  • A Blue Skull can be placed on the headless, praying skeleton; after a moment, text appears, saying: "Nothing happens, but you feel a strange satisfaction. You decide to name it Hank."
    • Skeleton's name is a reference to one of New Blood’s QA testers.[1]
  • The Mission and its ambient track share the same name: "Clair de Lune" composed by Claude Debussy.
  • V2 can be damaged during their intro animation via ricoshots from any weapon or coin juggling.
  • The ceiling of the V2 arena is the floor flipped upside down.
  • The music before the boss fight is a slowed down Sourire d'Avril played on a piano.