Hitting an enemy with only the edge of an explosion will launch them without dealing much damage, making it risky but effective tool against stalkers.

- The Tip of the Day.

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A SHOT IN THE DARK is the third mission of the GREED layer, and a level taking place in a low and dark level of the pyramid where the player is tasked with lighting fire pits to open doors and spawn enemies while also being limited to the players vision of their surroundings.

Major Areas[]

Right path[]

This path is simply one room with a floor that dips down and has a walkway above that floor, which leads to the pit. When you light it, 6 Filth and 5 Strays pop in to greet you.

Left path[]

A series of connected hallways, leading to a fire pit where 3 Soldiers and 2 Schisms say hello before you even light the blue torch.

Pillar Arena[]

A large square room with 4 fire pits, each of which rise to the ceiling when lit. Each summons a different set of enemies when lit, allowing you to summon all of them at once if you so choose. In clockwise order, starting from the pit to the left of the entrance:


There are three hallways in the area, one with a bunch of filth murals, the other one with a picture of Gabriel with "traitor" scribbled on, and the last one is spiraling upwards and has multiple fire pits. When the last one is lit, 3 drones, 2 streetcleaners, and 2 soldiers spawn in. This hall leads to a room with water on the floor and has a Virtue, Malicious Face, and a Cerberus.

Generator Room[]

Place any item on the pedestal, and the room will be illuminated by spinning lights. This is probably the biggest, most complex arena in all of Greed.

  • The first wave begins with a Virtue, 4 Drones, 4 Streetcleaners and 4 Soldiers.
    • Killing any 6 of the fodder enemies OR killing the Virtue will begin the next wave.
  • In the second wave, 2 Malicious Faces and 2 Stalkers are summoned, as well as another Virtue.
    • Killing all of the Faces and Stalkers OR killing the Virtue will begin the next wave.
  • In the third wave, 4 Schisms and 8 Soldiers are summoned.
    • Killing any 4 fodder enemies from Wave 4 OR the remaining members of Wave 2 will begin the final wave.
  • In the final wave, 2 more Virtues are summoned.



  • (Soul Orb) - Go to the left path, and on the second hallway, go up right above the torch, and there will be a secret there.
  • (Soul Orb) - To the left of the walkway in the right path, there is a hole you can slide through, slide through it, light a torch, and a door under the walkway opens up, revealing the first secret.
  • (Power-Up) - In the Pillar Arena, riding any pillar up into the ceiling leads to a hidden room with a Multi-Wield Orb.
  • (Soul Orb) - One of the Filth murals in the hallway just after the Pillars arena is cracked; destroying it leads to a secret passage.
  • (Soul Orb) - In the room just after the Lights Arena, there is water on the floor, slide in the water and under the wall, and you've found it.

The Tomb of Kings
The Tomb of Kings is a secret area containing the skeletal remains of various YouTube content creators. It is behind the door to the left of the vandalized Gabriel mural (after the Pillars arena).

The door is locked from the other side, so to get in you must either go through the secret passage behind the Filth mural or use a Projectile Boost to light the door's fire pit from the other side. Then, making short work of the blockade sealing the room shut, you can enter the Tomb of Kings.

The skeletons within the sarcophagi are references to real people; along the left wall, going away from the door, are:

And along the right wall, going away from the door, are:

Secret Encounter
After entering the Tomb of Kings, taking Matt McMuscle's blue Skull and placing it on the pedestal will awaken Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl), beginning the fight. More information can be found on their page.

After defeating the boss, a tablet can be found inside the Druid Knight's sarcophagus which reads:

"Within the PYRAMID lies the chamber of DREAMS
Within the CHAMBER lies a pool of clear WATER
Within the WATER lies a SECRET...
But only those who wield the ELECTRIC magic of the Druids may find it."

A bar of Soap is hidden in the rafters to the right of the level exit from the Generator Room, making it the second piece of soap in the game (the first being in 1-3).

Challenge Advice
Use a Projectile Boost or the Core Eject grenade to light the fire pits, and use the Overheat Nailgun's infinite ammo as a makeshift flashlight. Pick up the blue skull in the Tomb of Kings or the Soap in the generator room and put it on the pedestal.

If you have unlocked 0-S, and do not pick up the Blue Skull in the Tomb of Kings, walking into the next room from the Pillars Arena will trigger the Something Wicked audio cue, followed by the message "Something Wicked this way comes." After a few seconds, the message will switch to "Just kidding :)" and the normal music resumes.


  • You can put one of 4 items on the pedestal in the final arena.
    • If you put the torch, it'll be green.
    • If you put the soap, it'll be rainbow.
    • If you put a skull, it'll be that skull's color.
  • If you put an object on the pedestal in the final arena and then take it off, you can face that arena in the dark.
  • While attempting the level's challenge (don't pick up the torch), the music will stop and Something Wicked's ghostly whisper can be heard accompanied with the text "Something wicked this way comes..." A few seconds later the music resumes along with a text box that says "Just kidding :)". This confirms that Hakita is in fact a madman who nearly gave players a heart attack not once, but twice. This event will not be triggered if you pick up the blue skull or have not completed [ 0-S: SOMETHING WICKED ].