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The Alternate Revolver (also known as the Slab Revolver) is the alternate form of the Revolver. It can be unlocked in [ 1-4: CLAIR DE LUNE ] after interacting with all four secret slabs found all throughout Limbo.

Visual Differences[]

  • Its grip is significantly larger
  • It uses a hammer trigger to fire its shots
  • Its color indicators are on the sides of its barrel, rather than within the chamber.
  • Its chamber has a lower capacity, and seems to contain larger bullets.

Behavioral Differences[]

Primary Fire[]

The Alternate Revolver fires two 1.25 damage hitscans, totalling to 2.5 damage per shot. These are not affected by locational damage. After firing, the hammer must be pulled down to fire again, and if V1 swaps back to the Alt Revolver without pulling down the hammer, or by not waiting 2 seconds after firing, a longer swap animation will play.

Unlike Standard, the fire rate is the same between variants.

Charge Shot[]

Charge Shot fires six 1.25 damage hitscans, totalling to 7.5 damage, with a longer recharge than Standard. However, if 4 hitscans hit a single enemy, the next 2 hitscans will pass through, meaning only 5 damage dealt to a single enemy.

Coin Ricoshots[]

Hitscan Damage - The first coin adds 0.5 damage to each hitscan, and subsequent coins add 0.25, resulting in +1 damage from the first coin (3.5 total), and +0.5 damage from subsequent coins.

Split Interaction - Rather than splitshot like Standard, each split coin adds an additional hitscan to the Ricoshot (a single split coin becomes 1.75 x 3 = 5.25 damage). Additionally, Charge Shot will no longer pass through at 4 hitscans if any coin splits, resulting in 7 hitscans from a single split coin (1.75 x 7 = 12.25 damage total).

If one lands a ricoshot with the 2 pass-through hitscans of Charge Shot, they'll still get a full damage Ricoshot. Known as Slabcoining, this lets the player get an additional 5 damage on a Ricoshot.

There is no difference between the coins thrown by either Standard Marksman or Alternate Marksman.

Slab Locations[]

  • Slab Ⅰ - This first Slab is located on [ 1-1: HEART OF THE SUNRISE ] at the final room, break the glass on the ceiling and the slab should be up there.
  • Slab Ⅱ - The second Slab is located on [ 1-2: THE BURNING WORLD ] at the small lava room beside the left side of the staircase there will be a small cracked wall which you can break with weapons or the Knuckleblaster arm. After breaking and entering there will be another cracked wall to the left at the end of the passage, break that and you will find Civvie11's intro room where a small boss will spawn and a bigger one after you go back. Once you've defeated both of them a small vent will open, revealing the second Slab.
  • Slab Ⅲ - The third Slab is located on [ 1-3: HALLS OF SACRED REMAINS ] at the room where you enter in, after getting both skulls and placing them on the pedestals one of the giant glass panes will open and will lead to a small arena where you have to fight 2 Swordsmachine AGONY and TUNDRA. After defeating them both a door will open at the back of the arena and that's where you can activate the third Slab.
  • Slab Ⅳ - This final Slab is located on [ 1-4: CLAIR DE LUNE ] at the left side of the manor in front of a giant stone roman numeral door that can only be opened after activating all three previous Stone Slabs.

Pros and Cons[]


  • Higher damage
  • Higher pierce
  • Splitshots instead add additional piercing
  • Charge shot benefits from coins more


  • Slower firing speed
  • Cannot perform regular splitshots


  • In its original introduction, the Alternate Revolver used to deal 2 damage with full locational damage. It also had no swap cooldown, no pass-through and no split interaction.
  • Rather than deal a flat 2.5 damage, there was a period where it dealt 2 damage with extremely diminished locational damage, only dealing 2.5 on a headshot, rendering it unable to kill a Soldier on a body or limb shot.
  • The Alternate Revolver's model is known as "minosrevolver" in the files, as Action Dawg thought it'd be an unlock from defeating The Corpse of King Minos.


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