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Arms are melee weapons and equipment used to deal close-ranged damage to enemies, as well as to pick up items and interact with objects. You switch between them using the G key by default.

Types of Arms

  • Feedbacker (Blue) - V1's original arm; It does low damage, but it has a fast speed, and can Parry.
  • Knuckleblaster (Red) - A slow but powerful arm obtained from V2, able to cause shockwaves that push enemies back and can one-hit kill Filths. Basically anything that has a health of 1 or below gets insta-killed by the shockwave.
  • Whiplash (Green) - A grapple arm taken from V2 in the second fight that can pull in small enemies and pull you towards big enemies. Its bound to it's own key (R by default) so you don't have to switch to it. It can also pick up and place skulls and candles.
  • Under Construction (Yellow) - Unknown/Not Released
  • Spawner (White) - A special arm available only from the cheat menu. It has multiple uses, with its main function being spawning additional objects onto the map. Unlike other arms, this one takes a primary weapon slot and can be used alongside other arms.


  • At the Terminal, it is possible to unequip all Arms. While disarmed, V1 is still able to interact with the Kiosk, but cannot interact with items nor perform any melee attacks.
  • According to a developer stream, the arms will be the only weapon that will recieve a gold variant, the other weapons will only recieve tips in what was once going to be their gold variant. This is possible due to how cumbersome it would be to design 4 variants for all the weapons, along with cycling through variants.
  • Unequipping all arms and trying to punch will result in a message saying "CAN'T PUNCH IF YOU HAVE NO ARMS EQUIPPED, DUMBASS. Arms can be re-equipped at the shop" appearing.
    • Additionally, while tossing a coin using marksman revolver the coin will be tossed from the middle of (what we can assume is) V1's chest instead of being flipped by the left hand. Similar effect happens while using dual wielding power-up.
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