Minor Assists[]

Auto Aim[]

Auto Aim will cause V1 to automatically point their weapon at any enemy near the center of the screen, the crosshairs will also hover over the locked-on enemy. If an enemy is already at the center of the screen, V1 will not lock onto it, allowing more precise aim; Auto Aim will not lock onto enemies' weak spots, and will instead focus on torso shots (though it may still end up shooting limbs or heads, depending on V1's positioning).

Enemy Silhouettes[]

Enemy Silhouettes, once enabled, will create a thick border around each enemy, and makes them appear as a single flat color. Once enabled, additional options will appear.

Outline Only is a checkbox that can be enabled to remove the flat color shader from enemies, leaving only the thick border.

Activation Distance is a slider that determines how far away an enemy must be in order for it to appear as a silhouette; goes from 0 meters (labeled as "ALWAYS ON" to 100 meters.

Major Assists[]

Major Assists must be enabled before they can be used; doing so will create a pop-up with the following message:

"Major Assists" consists of modifiers that change the game and its balance considerably.

If "Major Assists" is enabled at any point during a mission, the rank gained upon completion will have a blue background. This background can be removed by achieving the same rank or higher with "Major Assists" disabled for the duration of the entire mission.

"Perfect" ranks and Cyber Grind high scores cannot be achieved with "Major Assists"

Followed by a prompt asking whether or not to enable Major Assists; choosing "YES" will unlock the assists.

Game Speed[]

Changes the speed at which the game runs; starts at 100%, and can be reduced to a minimum of 50%.

Damage Taken[]

Reduces the amount of soft damage and hard damage by a percentage; default is 100%, with a minimum of 0% (invincibility). Very useful alongside Cheats.

Infinite Stamina[]

Self-explanatory; stamina never reduces.

Disable Hard Damage[]

Self-explanatory; disables hard damage, which is the grey health that limits how high your health can go.

Boss Difficulty Override[]

Makes the bosses act as if they are on the difficulty other than the one you selected at the start.

Disable Popup[]

Disables the popup telling you what major assists are.


  • Auto Aim will not focus on Coins, making the Marksman Revolver functionally useless in most situations.
  • Auto Aim will also not lock onto the electrical boxes in 2-2 or the water control in 2-3.
  • Setting the Activation Distance for Enemy Silhouettes to 1 meter is functionally the same as Always On, even at point-blank range.
  • Some enemies are unchanged by Enemy Silhouettes, such as Hideous Mass, The Corpse of King Minos, and Gabriel.
  • Enemies will lose their flat shading upon death, except for Malicious Faces.
  • Currently, Damage Taken cannot be increased beyond 100%, though Hakita has expressed interest in the idea.
  • Damage Taken will save V1 from bottomless pits and other instakill environmental hazards, though they may be pushed out of bounds.