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The Attractor Nailgun is the blue variant of the Nailgun, obtained in the level [ 1-1: HEART OF THE SUNRISE ]. Holding primary fire will cause the Attractor Nailgun to start firing nails at a rapid rate, and pressing alt fire will launch an nail magnet that attracts the fired nails.


"Alt fire to shoot a magnet that pulls all nearby nails towards it.

Magnets stick to surfaces and enemies and can be broken with hitscan weapons." - The Terminal.

The Attractor Nailgun is a bulky, double-barreled weapon that resembles a minigun. The base of its barrels have glowing patches along their circumference, and the barrels begin to glow bright orange as they spin and fire. Centered on the weapon is a neon blue interface that indicates ammo count and the amount of available nail magnets.

A nail magnet lodged into the ground

The nail magnets fired from the weapon appear to be large, silver rods that emit a green flash from their top. Accompanying these green flashes are beeping noises, both of which begin rapidly speeding up as the nail magnet approaches self destruction. If nails are added to a nail magnet, the flash that the magnet produces steadily increases in size, becomes more red in color, and emits a higher pitched sound as more nails orbit the magnet.


Primary Fire[]

The Attractor Nailgun fires a barrage of silver nails on primary fire, continuously spraying as the button is held down. This depletes its ammo count of 100, which takes around 4 seconds to fully exhaust. After this, it takes approximately 30 seconds for ammo reserves to regenerate back to 100.

Silver nails deal 0.205 damage and can deal 5.125 damage per second if all nails land on their target. Silver nails also deal double damage against Filth and Husks, deal 50% more damage against Malicious Faces, Schisms, and Soldiers, and deal 25% more damage against Virtues and Gabriel. Nails are affected by gravity and will be attracted to nail magnets, orbiting around nails stuck into surfaces and veering toward enemies that have nail magnets stuck into them. Nails can also stick into enemies, which allows lighter enemies to be pulled toward nail magnets. Nails inside an enemy can explode for extra damage if the enemy is hit by the Electric Railcannon, giving the [+CONDUCTOR] style bonus and dealing 0.0666 damage for each nail. This can stack to a maximum of 6 damage, which requires 90 nails total.

When primary fire is held for any amount of time, the Overheat Nailgun's overheat meter will instantly be set to full charge. This makes the Attractor Gun a useful tool for comboing, allowing a short burst of nails from the Attractor Nailgun to be followed up with an overheat barrage from the Overheat Nailgun.

Secondary Fire[]

Pressing the secondary fire will fire a nail magnet that is affected by gravity and will stick to both enemies and surfaces. A maximum of 3 nail magnets can be deployed at once, with their ammo count recharging upon their destruction. Nail magnets will attract nails, pulling them off course toward themselves and causing nails to orbit when very close. This allows for the creation of "nail traps" on surfaces, which will damage enemies that walk over them and creates an explosion of damaging shrapnel upon destruction of the magnet. If multiple nail magnets are placed at once, nails will attempt to congeal into a ball exactly in the middle of all of the nail magnets.

Nail magnets attached to an enemy will attract nails toward them, allowing for easier aiming with the Nailgun. The more magnets stuck, the stronger the attraction. This applies to both types of nails, allowing for use in conjunction with the Overheat Nailgun, which is usually much more inaccurate than the Attractor Nailgun. In addition, nail magnets attached to a Stalker will decrease the radius of its sandification explosion, reducing its size by 25% with 1 magnet, 37.5% with 2, and 50% with 3.

If a light enemy covered in nails is thrown toward a nail magnet, it will be pulled toward the magnet. This isn't really useful, as the only enemies that can be affected by this die to nails very quickly, but it looks quite funny. However, if one desires, a magnet can be set up so that an enemy can be pulled into the air toward it and be flung into the ground, killing it with fall damage and yielding the [+CATAPULTED] style bonus. This can also be done by flinging a nailed enemy into the air and placing a nail magnet on the ground underneath it.

Nail magnets are able to be destroyed by hitscan attacks, such as those from Revolvers or Electric and Malicious Railcannons, or by slams. This can be used to the player's advantage, as nail magnets with large amounts of nails orbiting them can be turned into detonatable "nail bombs," able to release a spray of shrapnel upon being shot.


Due to its reasonably high damage output and high rate of fire, the Attractor Nailgun is useful for taking out large groups of fodder enemies such as Filth, Husks, Soldiers, and Schisms. It is not so useful for taking out Streetcleaners and Drones, as Streetcleaners are able to dodge nail projectiles and Drones are hard to hit in general. In addition to its crowd control abilities, the Attractor Nailgun can be useful for high health enemies, able to take out Malicious Faces and Virtues in around 3 seconds. It can also be useful for hitting especially mobile enemies such as the Mindflayer, as nail magnets will remain attached as the Mindflayer teleports. However, it is important to keep in mind that the Attractor Nailgun runs out of ammo very quickly, rendering it unviable for sustained usage.

The Attractor Nailgun is most effective when used in conjunction with the Overheat Nailgun. Firing even a single nail from the Attractor Nailgun will instantly charge the Overheat Nailgun's overheat meter, meaning one can fire a burst from the Attractor Nailgun and immediately fire a barrage of overheated nails when switching to Overheat. Additionally, firing nail magnets into an enemy can ensure that the majority of the Overheat Nailgun's nails will hit their target, as the Overheat Nailgun is relatively inaccurate when compared to the Attractor Nailgun.

While nail traps and nail bombs sound useful on paper, there aren't many situations where they come in handy, mostly serving as starting attacks for predictable enemies such as an awakening Cerberus and V2 during its starting animation. The same goes for magnet catapulting, where a light enemy stuck with nails is attracted to a magnet, and conducting, where shooting an enemy stuck with nails with the Electric Railcannon will cause the nails to explode inside the enemy, dealing a maximum of 6 extra damage. However, in the case of conducting, there is a useful combo where one can fire a nail magnet into an enemy, fire a burst of silver nails at them, then switch to the Overheat Nailgun to fire an overheat salvo. Finally, the Electric Railcannon can be used in a railcoin set up, which will trigger the conductor bonus, dealing a massive amount of damage overall.


  • Nail magnets attached to enemies used to decrease nail damage by 35%. This was changed as of the Sandbox update, meaning there is no penalty for using nail magnets to kill enemies.
  • So far, the Nailgun is the weapon that has seen the most balance changes over the course of ULTRAKILL's development.

Other Images[]

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Image of the weapon in the hud

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