ULTRAKILL has a secret cheat menu that can be enabled to alter various aspects of the game from within. Once they are enabled they can only be disabled by leaving or restarting the mission, unless the Keep Enabled cheat is active.

Cheat Menu[]

To access the Cheats Menu, the sequence "↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A" must be input while in a level, making the following message appear:

Enabling cheats means you will not gain a rank upon completion of a level and a Cyber Grind high score will not be saved.

Press ~ or home after enabling cheats to toggle the menu

Sandbox mode has cheats on by default.

Once cheats are enabled, the Cheat Menu will appear in the top-right; as the previous message stated, it can be toggled using ~ or home; however, the message above it, "CHEATS ENABLED :^)" will always remain visible.



Warning 1-globalgamemanagers.assets-503.pngKeep Cheats Enabled[]

[O] - Keeps Cheats enabled until toggled back off, even after closing the game. Helpful to avoid having to constantly re-enter the code.


These cheats are exclusive to the Sandbox map.

Save 1.pngQuick Save[]

Saves all of the entities currently spawned into the sandbox world, in their current position. Does not save your own position.

Load 1.pngQuick Load[]

Loads your last save.

Quick Load 1.pngManage Saves[]

Opens a menu that allows you to look through all your past saves, allowing you to overwrite, reload, or delete any of them, as well as make new saves with custom names.

Delete 1.pngClear Map[]

Deletes all entities currently spawned into the world. Blood stains remain, however.

NavMesh 1.pngEnemy Navigation[]

Rebuilds the map's enemy pathfinding. Only necessary if you decide to spawn static objects into the world, thus altering its shape.

Grid 1-g.pngSnapping[]

[H] - Objects you spawn are locked to an invisible grid.

Physics 1.pngSpawn With Physics[]

[J] - Props you spawn from the Sandbox category are dynamic, meaning they can be knocked around by yourself, enemies, other objects, or gravity itself. If disabled, props you spawn from then on become static, and thus unable to be moved. On by default.


Spawner Arm 1.pngSpawner Arm[]

[P] - Gives V1 a new weapon, the Spawner Arm, which is simply a black and white outstretched, open palm. Right-clicking will open a menu featuring many different enemies, as well as both colors of Skulls, Soap, torches, and both the Blood Orb and the Dual Wield pickups. Once something has been selected, left-clicking will spawn the entity at that location.

Sandbox Mode adds onto this list with a number of props, such as jump pads, grapple points, and explosive barrels. Alongside these, you're given a couple tools to move objects around, delete objects, and create blocks of any size.

The Spawner Arm can be removed from V1's loadout by pressing the button again.

Teleport 1.pngTeleport Menu[]

[L] - Displays a menu containing all of the current mission's Checkpoints; selecting any of them will instantly teleport V1 to it.

Fullbright 1.pngFullbright[]

Removes all shadows from the level; every surface is cast in direct light, making the level much brighter.


Noclip 1.pngNoclip[]

[V] - Allows V1 to fly without collision, passing through all physical barriers and objects. Hold space to go up, and control to go down. Mutually exclusive with Flight.

Flight 1.pngFlight[]

[B] - Like Noclip, but V1 still retains collision.

Infinite Wall Jumps 1.pngInfinite Wall Jumps[]

[N] - Self-explanatory; allows V1 to Wall Jump infinitely.


No Weapon Cooldowns 1.pngNo Weapon Cooldown[]

[C] - Removes the cooldown time on various attacks; currently this affects the Piercer Revolver Beam, Marksman Revolver Coins, Attractor Nailgun Nails and Magnets, Overheat Nailgun Heatsinks and all Railcannon Charges.

Infinite Power Ups 1-globalgamemanagers.assets-505.pngInfinite Power-Ups[]

Makes any timer-based power-ups last forever. Currently, this only affects the Dual Wield power-up.


Blind 1.pngBlind Enemies[]

[M] - Prevents enemies from seeing or attacking V1.

No Enemy Spawns 1.pngDisable Enemy Spawns[]

[I] - Prevents enemies from spawning; affects every enemy in the game, to the point of changing certain events. Among other things, it prevents Arena doors from locking, and bosses that drop items will instead have the item sitting in the middle of the arena.

Invincible Enemies 1.pngInvincible Enemies[]

Makes all enemies unable to take damage. They still drop blood as usual, and they can be killed by being dropped into instakill areas, like grinders or bottomless pits. Unlike Disable Enemy Spawns, this does not affect any in-game events.

SPECIAL (Unlockables)[]

CrashMode 1.pngClash Mode[]

Unlocked by breaking all the boxes in [ 4-S: CLASH OF THE BRANDICOOT ]. It enables the same Crash Bandicoot-esque playstyle as in said level, though unlike in 4-S, the third person camera is not locked in place and can still be moved.


  • Enabling Major Assists (particularly Damage Taken) is extremely useful alongside Cheats.
  • If Noclip or Flight are enabled while V1 is Sliding, the particle effects will remain in that spot until either cheat is turned off.
  • Blind Enemies can break certain scripted events; for instance, V1 cannot walk through the first arena door in [ 0-2: THE MEATGRINDER ] even while it is open.
    • Even while blind, Filth and Malicious Faces will pathfind to where they last saw V1, and Drones will still fly towards V1's last position once they self-destruct.
    • Various enemies will continue moving in their current direction indefinitely once the cheat is enabled; Mindflayers and Gabriel will float away, and Cerberuses will walk forwards until impeded.
  • Disable Enemy Spawns still leaves the game fully playable, as it changes most enemy-based encounters.
  • If any changes are made to the weapon loadout while V1 has the Spawner Arm, it will break and cannot be re-equipped until the mission is restarted. If the loadout needs to be changed, remove the Spawner Arm first.
  • Cheats are not featured in the demo and therefore aren't accessible or usuable. Inputting the code results in nothing happening in game.
  • The sequence for accessing the cheat menu is a reference to the Konami code, a code in games published by Konami which granted secret bonuses.
  • Malicious Face killed with "kill all enemies" cheat will not actually loose it's health. When inactive head falls to the floor it can still be damaged for healing. Damaging it enough will cause it to fall down a second time, which causes it to clip trough the floor.
  • In the spawn menu, each enemy type has it's own color. Red for husks, blue for machines, green for demons, yellow for angels, light gray for miscellaneous and dark grey for prime souls.