Coins are tiny, versatile projectiles that V1 can toss using the Marksman Revolver or its alternate form (there is no difference between coins fired from either form). While virtually useless on their own, they become powerful tools of destruction when used in combination with various attacks.



The most basic use of coins is to shoot them with hitscan attacks. Upon being hit, the coin will ricochet the attack into a nearby target; if the target has a vulnerable weak spot, the ricocheted shot will automatically aim for it. Additionally, if multiple coins are airborne at once, shots will ricochet consecutively off of each coin before seeking out a target.

Any of the following attacks can be ricocheted off of a coin:

When a coin is shot, the resultant ricoshot has different priorities for different targets, targeting other coins first and foremost, then grenades from the Core Eject Shotgun, then enemies, then glass panels: Coin > Grenade > Enemy > Glass.

For enemies, the ricoshot has a sub-priority list attempting to prioritize their charging projectiles first, then their weak point, then their body.

Damage Multiplication[]

In addition to homing in on their target's weak spots, coins will also apply a damage multiplier to the ricocheted attack, making it even deadlier. Multiple airborne coins will ricochet a shot between each other, with each consecutive coin adding its own damage multiplier to the attack. This is best used in conjunction with the Electric Railcannon or the Alternate Marksman to achieve the highest damage. While the Malicious Railcannon can be multiplied, only its direct impact damage is affected by multiplication, with its explosion damage being unaffected.

More information about coin damage multipliers across attacks can be found on this spreadsheet.


Shooting a coin with any non-alternate Revolver at a specific time will cause a splitshot, splitting the Revolver's shot into two separate shots that will each ricochet into a different target. Both shots will share the same damage output as the original plus the coin's damage multiplier, and each will follow the priority rule; if one shot kills the last enemy in an area, the other will destroy a glass panel, if one exists.

There are two windows where a coin can create a splitshot. The first is a very brief period after launch where the coin produces a visible flash and makes a twinkling noise. Shooting the coin just as this twinkle appears will create a splitshot. The second opportunity only begins after the coin has been airborne for a while, and is indicated by the coin making a distinct whistling noise as it falls. Once achieved, this window will last indefinitely until the coin hits the ground.

If a shot is ricocheted between multiple coins capable of splitshotting, each coin will create its own splitshot, allowing one shot to multiply into many. The easiest way to do this is to gain height and fire multiple coins straight up into the air, allowing them to fall far enough for each to reach splitshot state. Slam storage is a good way to achieve sufficient height to pull this off.

A truly beautiful illustration of the two windows in which a coin can be splitshot


Alternate Revolvers are incapable of performing regular splitshots, instead able to perform their own unique form of splitshot informally referred to here as pierceshots. Pierceshots will not split the shot into two, but rather add one additional pierce for each coin hit in splitshot state. For example, if a single splitshot coin is hit with an Alternate Revolver primary fire, its pierce will increase from two to three, allowing for the shot to either kill three weak enemies or hit one enemy three times. This makes splitshots performed with the Alternate Revolver ideal for dealing high single-target damage, as a single charged shot from the alternate Piercer Revolver can ricochet off of four splitshot state coins to hit a single enemy a total of ten times.


Advanced Techniques[]


"Fuck this demon in particular."

Railcoining is a technique wherein the Electric Railcannon's beam is ricoshotted through the same enemy multiple times, maximizing its destructive output; if performed right, it can deal enormous single-target damage, and can be used to defeat a Cerberus or Malicious Face in one shot.

To perform a basic Railcoin, the player must first toss a coin above or through an enemy (coins do not collide with enemies) in order to position it behind them. Then, use the Electric Railcannon to fire a shot through the enemy and into the coin behind them. This will cause the Railcannon shot to double back and hit the enemy again, dealing even more damage.

A slightly more advanced Railcoin can be done by tossing two coins. To pull this off, two coins must be quickly tossed; the first up, then the second on the opposite side of the enemy (walking forward while tossing the second coin will help). Then, quickly shoot the enemy with the Electric Railcannon so that its beam pierces through and hits the coin behind the enemy. If successful, the beam will pierce the enemy to hit the coin behind, pierce back through to hit the coin in front, then ricochet back to hit the enemy for a final time, hitting the enemy three times in total. Even more coins can be added to the railcoin if one desires, allowing for truly staggering amounts of damage.

Only the last Ricoshot will deal enhanced damage from Ricoshots; Electric beams that target a coin will only deal 8 damage (i.e a 2-coin Railcoin does 8 damage from the initial shot, 8 damage from the first Ricoshot, then 11 damage on the final Ricoshot, totalling to 27 damage.)

For a more extensive guide on Railcoining, see this video.

Coin Adding[]

While Electric's 4 hitscans are dealing damage and creating hitstop, you can quickly swap back to Marksman, and more coins can be thrown to extend the Railcoin. This is most easily done during a 2-coin Railcoin, but is possible with just 1 coin. There is a risk of hitting the Deadcoin period, preventing a Ricoshot and ending the Railcoin prematurely.

Ideally, the new coins are thrown inside the enemy's hitbox, as to ensure the beams hit the enemy while chaining between coins.


Similar to Railcoining but done with Alternate Piercer's Charge Shot instead. Since Alt Charge Shot passes through an enemy at 4 of its 6 hitscans, it can penetrate through an enemy and ricochet off a coin, getting a full damage ricoshot from the remaining hitscans. The initial hitscans provide an additional 5 damage to the Ricoshot.

Typically, Slabcoining is done by punching a coin into an enemy, waiting for late split and shooting the coin through the enemy. Landing the early split is possible but not particularly viable. For early split, you'd also have to compensate for the time taken for the initial 4 hitscans to deal damage before passing through.

Coin Punching[]

After the splitshot sparkle, an airborne Coin can be parried using the Feedbacker to turn it into a hitscan projectile. If there is an enemy nearby, it will fire directly at them, dealing damage and giving the [+FISTFUL OF DOLLAR] Style Bonus. Once the coin projectile hits any surface (including enemies), it will turn back into a normal coin and bounce directly upward into the air from the point of impact, resetting its airtime and allowing it to be shot or punched once more.

While a punched coin by itself only deals two damage, the parry's damage multiplier adds onto it, adding one damage every time the coin is hit, though this caps at 5 damage if the coin were to only hit a surface, only allowing for the first three punches to add damage. However, this cap does not apply to coins bounced off of enemies, and by constantly hitting the coin after it bounces off an enemy, the damage multiplier can be increased to the point of even being able to instantly kill bosses.


The Chargeback is a unique interaction between coins and Malicious Faces, both spawned minions from Flesh Prison, or Sentries. While either of the enemies are charging up their hitscan attacks, precisely timing a coin toss directly into the attack's line of fire can deflect it into the nearest enemy, dealing damage or instakilling the source yielding the [+CHARGEBACK] Style Bonus. This technique is high risk, but is very stylish to pull off.


Deadcoining is a technique that combines the coin chaining mechanic with the 'deadcoin' period; a short period (0.1s) when coins are thrown where they can't be ricoshot. When a coin chains to another coin, its current damage value is transferred and 1 is added to the value.

Deadcoining is performed by shooting a coin then quickly throwing a new coin so that the shot coin attempts to chain to the thrown coin in its 'deadcoin' period. The damage value is transferred and 1 is added, but the 'deadcoin' period prevents a ricoshot, allowing the player to farm damage and punch the new coin.

Primarily, Deadcoining is used to bypass the 5 damage (3 punches) coin punch soft-cap that's applied unless the coin hits an enemy.

Generally you should avoid split-shots when performing a Deadcoin since it typically has no benefit and may cause a ricoshot, but when a deadcoin is performed with a Splitshot, 3 outcomes can occur:

  • If the coin was thrown extremely early, it'll cause a ricoshot and ruin the attempted deadcoin.
  • If the coin was thrown with a slight delay, both parts of the split will hit the coin, causing the current style number to be doubled then 1 added, rather than just 1 added. This does not increase the damage any more than usual.
  • If the coin was thrown with an extra delay, one part of the split will target an enemy while another will perform the deadcoin. However, the enemy hit will be unable to be ricoshot by the new coin or any coins it chains to for multiple seconds

    A visual of coin power, courtesy of Locked


A combination of Slabcoin and Railcoin by doing both off a single coin. Slabcoin is performed, then quickly swap to Electric and perform Railcoin.

The damage dealt depends on the timing of the Electric shot, split into 3 categories:

  • If Electric is fired near instantly, decent damage is dealt, but still less than Slabcoin and Railcoin individually combined.
  • If Electric is fired with a slight delay, mediocre damage is dealt.
  • If Electric is fired with an extra delay (around when the initial 4 hitscans of Charge Shot end), great damage is dealt, being the same as Slabcoin and Railcoin individually combined. This will also cause the Ultraricoshot style number to increment from +1 to +2, rather than both being +2.

Slabrailcoin is primarily used as a niche finisher for bosses in speedruns after coin punches.

An example of the above 3

An Example of Slabrailcoing


  • Glass panels are the only destructible objects that can be targeted and broken by ricoshots.
  • Coins can bounce off of bounce pads. While impractical, it's kind of neat.
  • The Knuckleblaster shockwave can send coins flying at truly immense speeds, including upward into the atmosphere.
  • Nails can collide with coins, interfering with their trajectory.
  • Coins are not affected by gravity underwater, and travel in a straight line diagonally up from where the player is looking.
    • It is possible to make a coin travel very slowly underwater by moving backwards while throwing the coin. If a coin is moving too slowly or a long enough time passes, the coin will become inactive and turn black even without touching anything.