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The Core Eject Shotgun is the blue variant of the Shotgun, and can be acquired by defeating Swordsmachine's first phase for the first time in [ 0-3: DOUBLE DOWN ], though it can be obtained early via a secret encounter with Swordsmachine in [ 0-2: THE MEATGRINDER ].


"Press Alt Fire to overheat and launch the shotgun's cores.

Hold to charge distance.

Explodes on impact." - The Terminal.

The Core Eject Shotgun appears to be a futuristic double-barrel break-action shotgun. 2 cylindrical cores can be found in the chamber, which is flipped open to vent the overheated cores on primary fire and ejected as a single projectile on secondary fire. After firing a core, the 2 cores will be discarded and replaced. Placed around the shotgun are displays that show how far the core will eject, which goes from green to red as it charges. During the shotgun's idle state, the meter glows blue.


Primary Fire[]

Pressing primary fire will cause the shotgun to fire a random spread of 12 pellets. Each pellet deals 0.25 damage for a maximum of 3 damage if all pellets hit. These pellets can pierce through enemies, making them good for crowd control, though pellets will disappear shortly after piercing. Shotgun pellets can also be parried immediately after firing to imbue one pellet with greater velocity and an explosive effect that deals 3.5 damage.

After each shot, the shotgun briefly flips open to let the cores cool down before closing back up, ready to fire again. This cooldown period takes roughly 1.25 seconds, making it slower overall than the Pump Charge Shotgun, though the Core Eject deals slightly more damage.

Alternate Fire[]

Pressing alternate fire and releasing will eject an core from the shotgun, while holding it down increases the ejection distance. Ejected cores cause an explosion on impact, dealing 3.5 explosive damage and sending out a cosmetic shockwave and debris. This explosion is ineffective against the Malicious Face, as they are immune to explosions. It is also ineffective against Streetcleaners, as not only do they only take half damage from explosions, they are capable of actively batting away core eject grenades, making it extraordinarily difficult to hit them with one.

Red Explosions[]

An ejected core can be shot with hitscan to prematurely detonate it, causing its damage and radius to double. At point-blank, it will deal 7 damage, falling off to 4.6 damage.

If shot with the Malicious Railcannon (or a Face's beam), the explosion will instead deal double damage and have double the radius of a Malicious explosion. At point-blank it deals up to 13.25 damage due to the addition of the Malicious explosion, falling off to 10.85 then 4.6 once outside of the Malicious explosion radius. Naturally, this will also reflect explosions in a large radius, potentially dealing friendly fire and clearing nearby projectiles if used near V1.

Core eject grenades will also be targeted by ricoshots from coins, being prioritized over enemies. While initially tricky to pull off, this can be easier in the end if one has trouble shooting grenades in mid-air.

While the explosion does double damage to enemies, it still deals the normal 35 damage to V1, making it a cheaper damage boost than Overpump. In addition, the Malicious variant launches V1 at extreme speeds, dealing 35/50 damage depending on which explosion hits V1 first (See also: Ultraboosting).


Advanced Shotgun Techniques[]

Projectile Boosting[]

Immediately after firing either Shotgun variant, the Feedbacker can be used to parry the resultant spread of pellets, turning one of the pellets into a high velocity explosive projectile that deals an extra 3.5 explosive damage. However, this explosion will scatter any pellets that remain airborne in its area of effect, meaning that in most cases projectile boosting will only deal the 3.5 damage of the explosion and nothing else. Keep in mind that Malicious Faces are completely immune to explosion damage, and as such projectile boosting is completely useless against them.

Shotgun Parrying[]

Firing a shotgun at point blank range can parry enemies if timed correctly, similar to the Feedbacker. Hitting an enemy up close right before a parriable attack will parry the attack and add bonus damage to the shotgun blast. Successfully shotgun-parrying an enemy with the Core Eject Shotgun will deal an extra 4 damage and award the [+PARRY] style bonus.

Shooting a Malicious Face at point blank range will always deal Shotgun Parry damage whether it is preparing an attack or not. This makes engaging a Malicious Face at close range highly rewarding, if somewhat risky.

Shotgun Swapping[]

Switching between the Core Eject Shotgun and the Pump Charge Shotgun will skip their reload animations, allowing for one to switch between shotguns and fire them in rapid succession. This can drastically increase damage output, allowing one to kill a Malicious Face at point blank in less than 2 seconds if done fast enough.

Shotgun Swapping can be combined with Projectile Boosting, performed by projectile boosting once, swapping to another shotgun, then projectile boosting again. This can be done for up to 3 shots in a row, since the Feedbacker will begin to punch slower after 3 melees to prevent the player from spamming parries. This also means that one will have to wait for the Feedbacker's "fatigue" to wear off before rapidly chaining Projectile Boosts once more.


The Core Eject Shotgun's primary fire is quite useful in general, dealing a reliable amount of damage up close and piercing through enemies to deal with large groups of enemies such as Filth. It also has the capability of being chained together with the Pump Charge Shotgun to deal even more damage with its higher rate of fire. This technique of shotgun swapping allows for the shotguns to yield some of the highest single-target DPS in the game.

Core eject grenades by themselves are not very useful, as the same explosion with the same damage can be created by simply projectile boosting. However, red explosions created by shooting grenades in the air with hitscan deal extra damage, making them a viable use for core eject grenades. Utilizing the unique, high damage red explosion created by the Malicious Railcannon allows for amazing crowd control, dealing massive damage to enemies caught in its considerable radius. This can come in handy in the Cyber Grind, where many enemies will usually be crowded into a tight space.


  • Projectile boosting was originally a bug as it used repurposed code from enemy projectiles. As such, you were able to parry it. This was later kept in the game and was given its special score bonus.
  • Shotgun swapping was an unintentional feature discovered by Hakita and left in for the community to find.
  • Red explosions were added with Patch 7: GREED. Prior to this, Ultraboosting could be achieved with just the Malicious Railcannon explosion.


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