Example of how Dual Wield power-up affects your weapon

The Dual Wield powerup allows V1 to hold extra weapons of the same type. Duel Wield power-ups stack, causing V1 to gain extra arm with each additional power-up.

The power-up lasts for 30 seconds: picking up any additional power-ups will reset this timer, and when the timer expires, the effect will wear off in its entirety (for instance, if you are under the influence of 3 Dual Wields, all 3 will expire when the timer does).

Generally speaking, using the alt fire of any weapon will use it once on every weapon, allowing it to stack: for example, with X amount of Dual Wields, the player can flip X additional coins from the Marksman Revolver, or lob X additional cores from the Core Eject Shotgun. Exceptions to this are the Attractor Nailgun (the alt fire always fires one magnet, and only a max of 3 can be held, regardless of the number of power-ups) and any Railcannon (it doesn't zoom in any farther).



Weapons are enhanced in the sense that they do what they did before, only more. Most of these benefits are self-explanatory, but using Railcannons and Nailguns while Dual Wielding is especially valuable because they still expend the same amount of ammo. Additionally, the extra coins that can be thrown as a result of stacking this power-up are especially useful for racking up Style points.

One notable exception to the duplication effects of this powerup is Projectile Boosting using shotguns. Regardless of how many shotguns are active, only one projectile will be boosted.


If you're dead set on getting as much time as possible out of multiple Dual Wields, then picking them up just as the effect is about to expire will maximize its length. This is only useful if you want to bring the Dual Wield into another area, or if you're going to be stuck fighting in a single area for a while; otherwise, grabbing multiple at once is better for getting fights finished faster.


The weapons fire slightly out of sync, which has a handful of benefits. For one, if the player is quick enough, they can slide their cursor over multiple enemies, hitting them all with a single click. This is most noticeable with precise, single-hit weapons (any Revolver or Railcannon). It also becomes easier to do if the player lands any big hits, as the ensuing slow-mo effect gives the player more time to line up their shots.

More importantly, the player can forcefully desynchronise their shots to make hitting multiple enemies easier. The easiest way to do this is to simply hold the fire button and allow the weapons to gradually desync automatically. However, with good timing, the player can fire one of their weapons as the others are reloading, allowing them to instantly desync their weapons. Nailguns and Railcannons, however, cannot desync.

This allows the alt fires of certain weapon variations to be used independently of one another: examples include the Piercer Revolver allowing the player to fire charged shots of individual revolvers, the Alternate Revolver being able to pick off multiple medium-strength targets easier and the Core Eject Shotgun being able to fire cores in separate areas for more coverage (although others, like the Marksman Revolver's coins, cannot be desynced). Other uses of this technique are, frankly, goofy: if you desync the Pump Charge Shotgun, then overload just one of the shotguns, pulling the trigger will cause the other bullets to spray into the air.


  • If the player has any amount of this power-up, no arm will throw the coins from the Marksman Revolver: the coins will instead emit from the center of V1 like an aggressive ATM.
  • [ 4-2: GOD DAMN THE SUN ] is currently the only level with dual wield power-ups that have a prolonged duration, lasting 120 seconds instead of the usual 30.