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The Feedbacker is the blue variant of the Arm and is the default arm that you get once you boot up the game. Despite this, the Feedbacker can still be unequipped in the Terminal.


Fast punch with decent damage.

Can parry projectile attacks, including shotgun shots and coins. - The Terminal.

The Feedbacker is literally just V1's arm. It sports a blue and gunmetal gray color scheme, with protrusions at the bases of its fingers simulating knuckles. Upon punching, it makes a crisp "whiffing" sound. When parrying, it produces a satisfying, metallic "clinking" sound.


Pressing F (default key) while this arm is equipped will punch. Continuously punching will increase the cooldown it takes to punch again, preventing spamming punches.

The key feature of the Feedbacker is its ability to parry. With precise timing, punching almost any projectile in the game will add +4 damage onto the projectile, boost its speed, and send it flying in the direction of the player's crosshair. In addition, physically punching an enemy during their parry window will cause a parry punch, punching them for 5 damage and (usually) cancelling their attack.


Parrying is incredibly useful to raise your overall damage output as well as replenish your health in a pinch. The damage that parrying Swordsmachine does is very high, making it a great and stylish choice to fight them with. Since parrying will heal you up to your current max health, parrying is also useful during high waves in the Cyber Grind, where you are often in intense situations with projectiles raining down on you at all angles.

Parrying is a key part in the fight against Minos Prime, where it will your primary source of healing due to how difficult it is to heal off of his blood.


  • The name of this arm is likely a reference to the album Boris at Last -Feedbacker- (Or simply "Feedbacker") released in 2003 by Japanese drone metal band Boris.

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Image of the weapon in the hud

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