Filth are Lesser Husks that first appear in the mission [ 0-1: INTO THE FIRE ], and are the first enemy encountered in the game. Though they are extremely frail and easy to outmaneuver, they are fast and can easily overwhelm V1 through sheer numbers.


Filth are emaciated humanoids that lack arms, eyes, and noses. Their only facial feature is a large gaping mouth lined with jagged teeth, used to bite and tear. Their flesh is greyish green, with dried blood covering their bodies.


Filth will run toward the player at all times, chasing them in endless pursuit. They are able to run surprisingly fast, letting them catch up with V1 while on the ground. They frequently spawn in hordes, serving as the rank-and-file that distract and harass the player. While relatively easy to dispatch, Filth can quickly take out V1 if allowed to attack unhindered.

Nails from the Attractor Nailgun deal twice their usual damage to Filth.


A Filth's sole attack is performed by lunging at V1 and biting down on them, dealing 30 damage. This attack can be parried with precise timing.

Terminal Data[]

For more information, see Terminal.



Husks are physical manifestation of the souls of the damned.

The Physical form is based on the value of the original soul, which is determined by the strength of its will and its prevalence in public consciousness: the living souls that remember it.

Filth are the lowest form of Husk, whose souls were too weak and unimportant to even form a complete physical body.

Even among husks, they have the lowest intelligence, driven purely by hunger.


- Most weapons are easily capable of taking down Filth, but their powerful jaws and sheer numbers can overwhelm a target quickly if underestimated.

- Explosives are the most effective way to take down swarms, but any weapon that can hit more than one target will be efficient.

Rending Apart[]

Filth are very easy to deal with; any weapon will kill them with little effort. However, their tendency to spawn in large groups makes explosive attacks ideal for taking them out. The ease of which one can take out groups of Filth makes them a good way to boost your style.

The Knuckleblaster's shockwave, along with any other form of explosion, such as Projectile Boosting, the Core Eject Shotgun's core, or a fully charged Pump Charge Shotgun's blast are all effective ways to instantly wipe out groups of Filth. The Piercer Revolver and Nailguns are also viable options for dealing with Filth, with the Attractor Nailgun in particular dealing 200% damage to Filth. Filth will gather in a group underneath the player while they are airborne, making them a prime target for exploding or ground slamming. A good way to farm style is to ground slam a group of Filth and blow them up midair with the Knuckleblaster's shockwave.

A Filth's lunging attack can be parried with the Feedbacker or shotgun. This has the benefit of restoring V1 to maximum health, though the player is still damaged if on Violent difficulty. With the Whiplash, you can quickly pull in a Filth for an easy burst of healing.


  • The Filth originally looked quite different and more generic than their current iterations, featuring arms and a blank face. Filth were changed to the current design in demo version 1.05.
  • Despite being the first encountered enemy, the first proper enemy revealed on Hakita's YouTube channel was the Malicious Face.
  • The Filth's name and appearance are inspired by Swans' album of the same name.