"Something wicked this way comes."
This page describes content for a future update to ULTRAKILL.
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Hookpoints are movement objects, similar to Bounce Pads. They first appear in [ 4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL ], after the second battle with V2.


Hookpoints take the appearance of small spheres, similar to the Soul Orbs. They have 3 gray rings of various sizes orbiting around them.


Grappling onto a Hookpoint with the Whiplash will cause V1 to be pulled towards the target. There are currently 2 types of Hookpoints.

GREEN HOOKPOINTS are the standard variation of the Hookpoint. They do not have any special effects.

BLUE HOOKPOINTS are a variation of the Hookpoint, first encountered in [ 5-1: IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON ]. They act similarly to slingshots, flinging V1 when the target is reached.


You can cancel a pull by either jumping in the middle of it or tapping the Whiplash key again. However, jumping out of it will cause you to lose a fair bit of the momentum whereas unhooking via the Whiplash key will actually preserve the momentum from the pull. This method also applies to smaller enemies in a reversed sense, meaning you could pull and unhook an airborne enemy down to the ground with enough momentum to splatter them.

Pressing the Ground Slam button while being pulled towards a grapple point will not cancel the pull. However, this will begin storing slam height, which is released after reaching the target.

When a player is too close to a hookpoint, it cannot be used and whiplash goes through it instead. This is indicated by hookpoint's lower pitch sound and its central sphere shrinking.