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The Malicious Railcannon is the red variant of the Railcannon, purchasable for 100,000P after obtaining the Electric Railcannon in [ 2-2: DEATH AT 20,000 VOLTS ].


"Fires an instant beam that causes a large explosion on impact, similar to a certain familiar face.

Wipes out groups of weak enemies with ease." - The Terminal.

The Malicious Railcannon is a large orange, silver and light-blue gun that, as its name suggests, resembles a hybrid between a railgun and a cannon. Three yellow-orange wires run from its base to the tip of its barrel, and four horizontal screws run along either side which steadily screw themselves in and spin as the weapon recharges. When fully charged, the light on the top as well as at the base will start to glow, a wheel on the side begins to spin, the barrel hums with an orange glow, and the entire weapon will begin shaking and emitting a muted bass-like humming noise.


Primary Fire[]

Pressing primary fire will instantly fire out a hitscan beam that will produce a large explosion on impact. This explosion is very useful for wiping out big groups of lesser enemies and damaging stronger bunched up ones, dealing 8.25 damage on direct impact and 6.25 damage with its explosion. This explosion can also be used to boost the player in the opposite direction, though this does 50 self damage to the player and as such isn't very practical in most situations.

While the Malicious Railcannon's beam is able to be ricocheted off of coins, it benefits very little from them when compared to other weapons such as the Electric Railcannon. This is because the coins' damage multiplier only boosts the hitscan damage of the Malicious Railcannon, which is only a measly 2 points of damage. As such, the explosion damage is unaffected, and the enemy that is hit directly only receives a miniscule amount of extra damage.

Secondary Fire[]

Holding alternate fire will cause your FOV to lower greatly, zooming your screen in and letting you aim at far-away enemies. This option is quite literally a joke, as it has been confirmed by Hakita that it was only made to avoid having to make an actual alt fire for the Railcannon.

Malicious Nuking[]

Using the Malicious Railcannon to hit a grenade ejected from the Core Eject Shotgun will create a massive red explosion in mid-air, dealing a minimum of 4.6 damage and dealing a maximum of 13.25 damage at point blank. This explosion can also be used to boost the player across distances previously thought impossible, though this does still deal 35 to 50 damage to the player, making it situational at best. For vertical distance, slam storage might be preferred.


The Malicious Railcannon's main utility is its explosion, as its raw damage output is very much overshadowed by the Electric Railcannon. Even so, its explosion by itself is outdamaged by a overcharge explosion from the Pump Charge Shotgun, meaning the Malicious Railcannon by itself is outclassed in almost every way. In most cases, your railcannon charge is best used on the Electric Railcannon.

However, in conjunction with core eject grenades from the Core Eject Shotgun, the Malicious Railcannon has some utility. Nuking with the Malicious Railcannon can deal massive damage across a wide area, making it useful against large, clustered groups of enemies such as in the Cyber Grind.

In another niche situation, the Malicious Railcannon's hitscan explosion can also be used to instantly kill Mindflayers. As the explosion is quick and easy and is incredibly big, you can reflect the Mindflayer’s projectiles right back into it if you have the right timing. A more extensive guide on instakilling Mindflayers can be found here.


  • So far, the Malicious Railcannon is the only red variant of a weapon available in ULTRAKILL.
  • The humming sounds that the Malicious Railcannon produces as it recharges change with each screw that spins, and come together to form a slightly off-key G major chord.


Other Images[]

Malicious Railcannon in hud.jpg

Image of the weapon in the hud

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