"If only we knew the suffering that would befall us next..."
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Minos Prime is the second boss of [ P-1: SOUL SURVIVOR ], released from the Flesh Prison upon its destruction. Though he proclaims his gratitude to V1 for rescuing him, he condemns V1 to death for the machines' crimes against humanity. He is considered the most complex and difficult boss of Act I.


Minos Prime is a tall, luminescent humanoid. His translucent body gives clear view of his heart and blood vessels, which seem to be the only organs present. There is a hole where his face should be, and he wears a large crown like the one worn by The Corpse of King Minos. Twin serpents can be seen coiled around his arms.

He spawns after defeating Flesh Prison, as he was trapped within it by the angels after being killed by Gabriel prior to the beginning of the game.


Minos Prime is an incredibly powerful enemy, capable of chaining attacks to kill V1 in seconds. It only takes a moment of inattention to be utterly destroyed.

  • "Judgement!": Minos teleports to V1 and performs an explosive dropkick, dealing more damage the closer V1 is towards the center. Minos is airborne after teleporting, and can follow-up with an Overhead or "Die!/Crush!". This attack can be Parried.
  • "Die!": Minos aims at V1 before instantly slamming towards them, creating a ground shockwave on impact. Minos briefly stops tracking V1 before the slam comes out, allowing the slam to be avoided. This attack can hit the wall or ceiling, causing the shockwave to be created there and cancelling Minos' recovery animation. This attack is only used when Minos is airborne.
  • "Crush!": A variant of "Die!" used if V1 is too close when initiated. It goes straight down, creating a large explosion which deals 50 damage rather than 30.
  • Serpent: (A windup animation with an orange glow): Minos Prime releases a serpentine projectile that homes in on V1; the longer it exists, the tighter its homing gets. It will persist until colliding with a surface or V1. It can be Parried, making it a good source of health.
  • "Prepare thyself!": A 3-Hit combo, Two kicks and then a Serpent for the third attack. If V1 is airborne in-between attacks of either combo, Minos will instead interrupt the combo to do an Uppercut instead, removing the parry opportunity at the end of the combo.
  • "Thy end is now!": A four-punch combo; the last punch can be Parried, though V1 will still have to dodge away to avoid damage. If V1 is airborne in-between attacks of either combo, Minos will replace the final hit with an Uppercut, removing the parry opportunity.
  • Uppercut: Minos Prime teleports to V1 and attempts a single hit; if it connects, V1 gets launched high into the air along with Minos. A Ground Slam can be used to cancel V1's upward momentum.
  • Overhead: Minos teleports directly above V1 and does a straight down attack after a sound cue accompanied with a blue flash. This move only is used while Minos is aerial.

Phase 2

When falling below 65 (50%) health, Minos Prime shouts "WEAK", overriding any voice lines and begins glowing blue.

During Phase 2, Minos Prime gains double stamina and uses Serpent projectiles after jumping before following up with "Die!/Crush!" or an Overhead. Parrying "Judgement!" will no longer prevent the explosion, forcing the player to dash in order to avoid damage during a parry.

Difficulty Changes

  • Harmless and Lenient: Minos Prime's attacks and projectiles are significantly slower and his "Die!/Crush!" and "Judgement!" attacks have smaller shockwaves and explosions. Minos Prime does not gain any more stamina going into Phase 2.
  • Violent: Minos Prime's attacks and projectiles are considerably faster. His "Die!/Crush!" and "Judgement!" attacks have massive shockwaves and explosions. Parrying "Judgement!" will not interrupt the attack or prevent the player from taking damage from its explosion in Phase 1. Plus, his "Judgement!" and "Thy end is now!" attacks cannot be parried when Minos Prime is reduced to half health. Minos Prime has 60% more stamina in Phase 1, and gains unlimited stamina in Phase 2.

Terminal Data[]

For more information, see Terminal.



A prime soul is an incredibly rare occurrence in which a soul amasses so much power that it no longer requires a Husk as a vessel to manifest physicality.

As manifestations of pure will, prime souls are incredibly powerful, to the point that even the prideful angels see them as a threat and will use any means necessary to stop them from forming.

King Minos felt that eternal suffering was unfair and unreasonable for those whose only sin was loving another. After the disappearance of God, as the angels were lost and heaven was in chaos, Minos began his efforts to reform the lust layer.

The Lust renaissance was prosperous, as King Minos guided its inhabitants to come together and build a new civilization. The combined efforts of the countless who have been damned to the second layer bore great results as the grand city of Lust grew and grew.

However, after the council took control of heaven and brought stability to it through their iron fist rule, they saw that Minos had gone against God's will by freeing sinners from the punishment that God had designed for them.

Gabriel, the brightest of the angels, was sent to kill Minos. The king, rather than fight back, tried to reason with him, but Gabriel mercilessly struck him down without listening.

As Minos' will was strong enough to attempt to stand up to heaven's rule, the angels chose to imprison his soul in an attempt to stop it from forming into a prime soul and appointed Gabriel as the new Judge of Hell.

From the prison inside his own body, Minos helplessly watched as his soulless corpse, now controlled by parasites, tore apart everything he had worked so hard to build, cursing his own weakness for failing to protect his own people, vowing to take revenge...


- Minos Prime's attacks are fast and relentless. It's rare for him to give a window of opportunity to heal, so it's vital to learn what attacks leave him momentarily vulnerable and how to be in an advantageous position during those moments.

- His snake projectiles can be parried using the Feedbacker for a full heal, even if the projectile doesn't hit Minos Prime.

Voice Lines[]

  • "Ah... free at last. O Gabriel... now dawns thy reckoning, and thy gore shall glisten before the temples of man! Creature of steel, my gratitude upon thee for my freedom. But the crimes thy kind have committed against humanity are not forgotten! And thy punishment... is death!" (Before the fight)
  • "Useless!" (After restart)
  • "Judgement!"
  • "Die!"
  • "Crush!"
  • "Prepare thyself!"
  • "Thy end is now!"
  • "WEAK" (Falling below half health)
  • "Forgive me my children, for I have failed to bring you salvation from this cold, dark world." (After defeat)


  • Minos Prime's boss theme is ORDER, and can be found here.
  • Minos Prime is voiced by Stephan Weyte, known for being the voice of Caleb from the Blood franchise. Stephen has also provided the voice for Nyarlathotep from one of New Bloods other game's, Dusk.
  • Prior to the first hotfix following the Soul Survivor update, Minos Prime's "JUDGEMENT" attack was not interrupted when parried.
  • Minos Prime says "Useless!" after each restart, implying that he knows you have died to him.
  • Minos Prime uses snake projectiles as a reference to the fact Minos has a snake tail in Dante's Inferno.
  • Minos Prime, along with Flesh Prison, are direct references to fights against Legion and Nuculais from the video game Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.[1]
  • Minos Prime says "Die!" referencing the fact that he will kill you. (This one is very subtle, so don't blame yourself for missing it)
  1. Asked: Not sure if this was already answered, but is the fight with Flesh Prison/Minos Prime a reference to Legion/Nuculais from Castlevania: Curse of Darkness or is that just a happy accident?
    @ULTRAKILLGame Answered: It's on purpose