One of the most important aspects of an old-styled shooter game is its music, and ULTRAKILL does not disappoint in any capacity. Most of the game's OST is composed by Hakita himself, with the exception of Clair de Lune, BWV 639, Take Care, and The Cyber Grind. The OST is available on Hakita's Bandcamp under the alias Heaven Pierce Her.

Much of the soundtrack is fast-paced metal or rock with breakbeat, mixed with some calm songs interspersed throughout. Many of the songs use MIDI tracks as a base, overlaying actual instruments to add depth, giving the game's soundtrack its classic yet modern feel. Frequently sampled by ULTRAKILL's songs is the Amen break, an insanely widespread drum sample that is frequently used in popular music.

The ULTRAKILL OST is divided into individual albums, typically coinciding with the game's own acts. The soundtrack for ACT I: INFINITE HYPERDEATH and Layer 4: Greed has been released and is available now. The rest of Act 2 and 3's soundtracks will presumably become available shortly after each act launches respectively.


This album makes up the music of ULTRAKILL's prelude as well as most of the music in ULTRAKILL Act I.

Released on Bandcamp and YouTube September 11, 2020.

Number Name Other Composers Duration Appearances Specific Apperarances Trivia
1 The Fire is Gone

(for Piano, Saxophone and Trumpet)

2:40 Main Menu

0-1: INTO THE FIRE (Full Intro)

Plays during the boot-up sequence
2 Into the Fire 4:00 0-1: INTO THE FIRE (Full Intro)


0-1: Different parts play in different sections.

First section plays during the tutorial

Second section while approaching the Piercer Arena.

Third clip plays during the title drop.

Fourth section plays through the rest of the level.

0-3: Fourth section plays throughout the mission.

The third clip is sourced from a later track, "Cerberus," which used to play in the earliest version of ULTRAKILL's intro.
3 Unstoppable Force 3:36 0-2: THE MEATGRINDER


4 Cerberus 2:21 0-5: CERBERUS First part plays until entering the Cerberus Arena; progresses once Cerberus awakens. Cerberus is the very first song Hakita composed for ULTRAKILL. It can be heard in Hakita's very first dev video on ULTRAKILL.
5 A Thousand Greetings 5:42 1-1: HEART OF THE SUNRISE


1-1: Plays until the first enemy spawns.

1-2: Plays until V1 begins leaving the second floor with the Blue Skull.

6 A Shattered Illusion 3:04 1-1: HEART OF THE SUNRISE Plays after the first enemy spawns A Shattered Illusion was made exclusively using samples from A Thousand Greetings, drum samples, and a sine wave for bass.
7 A Complete and Utter Destruction of the Senses 2:08 1-2: THE BURNING WORLD 1st part begins when V1 exits the second floor with the Blue Skull. Progresses once V1 enters the lower floor. The song is rather loud and harsh, living up to its title.
8 Sanctuary in the Garden of the Mind 2:26 1-S: THE WITLESS Track progresses every 2 rooms. The song is made up of various drones that Hakita cut out from one of his old songs.
9 Castle Vein 5:40 1-3: HALLS OF SACRED REMAINS This song and its title "Castle Vein" is a reference to the Castlevania series.
10 Clair de Lune Claude DeBussy 5:01 1-4: CLAIR DE LUNE The recording of Clair de Lune heard in ULTRAKILL is performed by Laurens Goedhart. An audible page turn can be heard around the 2:17 mark.
11 Versus 4:11 1-4: CLAIR DE LUNE The battle theme for V2. This song has 3 layers of drums: the original MIDI drums, amen breaks added on top, and electronic kick and snare added to give more weight to the original drum patterns.
12 Cold Winds 4:13 2-1: BRIDGEBURNER Split into two parts; the second part begins after V1 exits Tower A The beginning ambiance of this song is a slowed and distorted version of Sourire d'Avril. Outside of amen breaks, the song consists entirely of MIDI put through soundfonts. Hakita was going to record guitar for the song, but decided against it.
13 Requiem 3:18 2-2: DEATH AT 20,000 VOLTS Hakita had trouble starting this song before he decided to just constantly change time signatures. The song is typically either 4/4 or 5/8 with occasional 6/8 and 7/8 flairs.
14 Panic Betrayer 3:53 2-3: SHEER HEART ATTACK With this song, Hakita decided to go even further than Requiem with time signature changes. The warbled guitar heard is inspired by The Mars Volta.
15 In the Presence of a King 4:12 2-4: COURT OF THE CORPSE KING The battle theme for The Corpse of King Minos. This is a very heavily modulated and stretched-out sample from an old jazz song called Sourire d'Avril. A less modulated version plays in Cold Winds, at the start of 2-1.
16 Guts 2:46 3-1: BELLY OF THE BEAST The first half of the mission This song is just Glory but slowed down by exactly 66.6%. The titles of both songs are a reference to the phrase "No guts, no glory."
17 Glory 2:09 3-1: BELLY OF THE BEAST Begins after entering the Glory Gauntlet Glory is based on one of Hakita's multiple failed attempts at the climax of 2-2's track: Requiem. The final result has an added piano and is extended slightly.
18 Bach: BWV 639 "I call to you, Lord Jesus Christ" Johann Sebastian Bach 2:30 3-2: IN THE FLESH The song is simply a MIDI version of Bach's BWV 639.
19 Divine Intervention 2:36 3-2: IN THE FLESH The battle theme for Gabriel The song was originally going to be much longer and reincorporate sections of BWV 639, but the current rendition looped so well that Hakita decided to keep it.
20 Disgrace. Humiliation 1:50 3-2: IN THE FLESH Plays after the level ends.
21 Take Care Russ Morgan Orchestra 2:59 Varied The New Blood splash animation

The Terminal and Cyber Terminal

The song is entirely sampled from the song "Were you foolin" by the Russ Morgan Orchestra. The aged sound of the track is a reference to "Everywhere at the End of Time" by The Caretaker, a music project that explores memory and its deterioration.
22 The Cyber Grind meganeko 4:30 The Cyber Grind Begins once V1 reaches the arena.
23 The Fire is Gone (for Music Box) 2:50 Secret Missions

Sandbox Mode

The Testaments and when using the grey Terminal in Sandbox Mode.


Music added to Act I in the Soul Survivor[1] update.

Released on Bandcamp on April 13, 2021.

Number Name Other Composers Duration Appearances Specific Appearances Fun Facts
1 The Spinal Staircase Maurice Depret 1:27 P-1: THE SOUL SURVIVOR Plays during the level's initial segments and becomes more and more corrupted the more V1 descends the staircase. The song is actually Sourire d'Avril by Maurice Depret.
2 CHAOS Quetzal Tirado 2:18 P-1: THE SOUL SURVIVOR The battle theme for Flesh Prison. There is an early version of this song that can be listened to here. It utilized many more MIDI instruments than the finished product. The bass clarinet and soprano saxophone heard in the finished product were played and improvised by Quetzal Tirado.
3 ORDER 7:00 P-1: THE SOUL SURVIVOR The battle theme for Minos Prime. The song contains leitmotifs from Requiem, the song that plays in 2-2. These leitmotifs also bear resemblance to the song in 3-1, Glory, which is in itself a scrapped version of Requiem's climax.
4 Sunshine (Mirage) 2:28 2-S: ALL-IMPERFECT LOVE SONG Parts of this song are used across the entire level. The first upbeat melody plays during the introduction of Mirage. As Mirage's existential dread is revealed, the song distorts, then fades into static. The final choir segment plays as Mirage's dread is resolved by the player. The upbeat melody used in the song mimics the typical cheery soundtracks used in a visual novel dating simulator.


Music that plays throughout ULTRAKILL Act II. Currently, only music from the Greed layer has been released, with more to come. Thus, this list and its ordering is subject to change.

Greed OST released on Bandcamp July 2, 2021.

Number Name Other Composers Duration Appearances Specific Appearances Fun Facts
1 [Insert Disc 2] 0:33 Plays when transitioning from Act I to Act II. This is not really a theme, just an ambiance track that mimics the process of inserting a second disc, something people had to do in the past when a game released its parts on multiple discs. According to Hakita, the sounds were recorded from an actual PlayStation 1 console.
2 Dune Eternal 4:39 4-1: SLAVES TO POWER The song's title is a reference to the game DOOM Eternal, a fast-paced FPS that bears many resemblances to ULTRAKILL.
3 Sands of Tide 3:54 4-2: GOD DAMN THE SUN
4 Dancer in the Darkness 3:37 4-3: A SHOT IN THE DARK The song utilizes stereotypical "cave" instruments used in many crypt-style levels in other retro games.
5 Duel (Versus Reprise) 5:53 4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL Introduction plays during the build up to V2's battle. The rest plays when the battle begins. Contains leitmotifs from Versus, for obvious reasons. The bass from V2's theme can be heard playing over Egyptian-sounding drones during the build-up to V2's fight.

Unlisted Music[]

The following tracks are songs that are present in ULTRAKILL, but not in any current release of the OST:

  1. Theme of Cancer: Battle theme for the Cancerous Rodent and Very Cancerous Rodent. It also plays against the Mysterious Druid Knight.
  2. Clash of the Brandicoot Theme: Theme for 4 - S.


While not much has been officially released, an early version of the Ferryman's theme, "He is The Light in My Darkness" has been teased for Screenshot Saturday. The files for the prototype music of 5-1 can also be found in the game files.


  • Many of ULTRAKILL's songs, especially those in the Prelude, were composed before ULTRAKILL began production.
  • Due to being bad at playing the drums, Hakita makes frequent use of Amen breaks, sourced from packs he found online.
  • Greed's EP will only be released for a limited time before it is merged with the rest of the ACT II soundtrack.