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The Overheat Nailgun is the green variant of the Nailgun, purchasable for 25,000P after obtaining the Attractor Nailgun in [ 1-1: HEART OF THE SUNRISE ]. Holding primary fire will cause the Overheat Nailgun to start firing nails at a fast constant rate. Pressing alt fire when the overheat meter has charge will spit out fiery nails in a rapid-fire burst, using up one of the Overheat Nailgun's charges.


"Alt fire while shooting to overheat for a quick burst of high damage at the cost of a heatsink.

Heatsinks recharge while not firing."

- The Terminal.

The Overheat Nailgun is essentially identical to the Attractor Nailgun in appearance, being a bulky, double-barreled weapon with glowing patches along the barrels. The only difference is the interface, which is colored neon green and has one large battery-shaped overheat meter along with two similarly shaped green meters below that indicate the amount of heatsinks available. The overheat meter fills as the nailgun fires, and when an overheat barrage is released the nailgun lets off an orange-yellow glow.


Primary Fire[]

The Overheat Nailgun fires a barrage of nails on primary fire, continuously spraying as the button is held down. Continuous fire will cause the nailgun to overheat, which will cause the rate of fire to slow as the meter approaches fullness. Thus, it is recommended to mostly use the Overheat Nailgun's primary fire to charge the overheat meter rather than use it as your sole source of DPS.

Nails from the Overheat Nailgun deal 0.185 damage each, with a damage per second of 4.625 assuming the nailgun is firing at full speed and all nails hit. When the overheat meter is full, however, the rate of fire will decrease, lowering the DPS to just 2.3125. Additionally, when all heatsinks are depleted, the rate of fire will slow even more, rendering the nailgun essentially useless until a heatsink recharges. The Overheat Nailgun's nails deal 50% more damage against Malicious Faces and deal 25% more damage against Virtues and Gabriel.

Nails are affected by gravity and will be attracted to nail magnets from the Attractor Nailgun, orbiting around nails stuck into surfaces and veering toward enemies that have nail magnets stuck into them. It is recommended to stick targets with nail magnets first, as nails fired from the Overheat Nailgun are generally more inaccurate. Nails inside an enemy can explode for extra damage if the enemy is hit by the Electric Railcannon, giving the [+CONDUCTOR] style bonus and dealing 0.0666 damage for each nail. This can stack to a maximum of 6 damage, which requires 90 nails total.

Alternate Fire[]

Pressing alternate fire while the overheat meter has charge will cause a barrage of overheated nails to be fired, its duration being proportionate to how full the overheat meter currently is. With the overheat meter fully filled, the barrage will last for exactly 1 second. This will use up a heatsink, which takes 8 seconds to recharge. Be wary of using up all of your heatsinks, as this will drastically decrease the primary fire's rate of fire and will make it impossible to charge the overheat meter until a heatsink regenerates.

Overheated nails deal the same amount of damage as regular nails, but will set enemies on fire for 4s if they are flammable. As should be obvious, the higher rate of fire of an overheat barrage leads to more damage being dealt, though the inaccuracy of the barrage means using a nail magnet is highly recommended.

The overheat meter can be instantly charged by firing the Attractor Nailgun for any amount of time. This means that firing the Attractor Nailgun and quickly switching to the Overheat Nailgun can be an effective way to get off an overheat barrage quickly.

Overheat Storage[]

When swapping off Overheat Nailgun while using a heatsink, the barrage is stored and resumes when swapping back to it. By firing Attractor, you can regenerate some heat for the barrage and indefinitely fire out shorter barrages without running out of heatsinks. Note this is only properly possible when 2 heatsinks are available.


The Overheat Nailgun is best used in conjunction with the Attractor Nailgun, as the Attractor Nailgun is able to instantly charge the overheat meter and its nail magnets allow for more of the Overheat Nailgun's nails to hit their target. In general, the overheat barrage is a very useful way to dish out high amounts of damage at once and get rid of large groups of weak enemies such as Filth and Stalkers, or to eliminate most of the health of a single large target at point blank range such as the Hideous Mass or Malicious Face.

A single fully charged overheat barrage will do 11.47 damage if all nails hit. With the Malicious Face's 150% damage taken from nails, this increases to 17.205 damage, meaning a single barrage will kill a Malicious Face from full health as long as at least 55 nails hit (~90% of the nails in the barrage). This is easy to achieve at point blank rage (for example, while the Malicious Face is charging its beam attack) or at close range if the Malicious Face has been stuck with a magnet.

Similarly, the Hideous Mass leaves an opening while performing its mortar attack where the player can easily attack its chest weakpoint at point blank range, allowing you to empty one or possibly even two barrages into its weak point. At ~11 damage per barrage, and with the Hideous Mass's 3x damage bonus against its weak points, two barrages will deal ~66 damage, more than enough to kill the Cybergrind version with a maximum health of 60. Similarly, an 11 damage barrage followed by 8 damage from the Electric Railcannon plus the damage bonus from the nails already in the Hideous Mass is also enough to kill one given the 3x damage bonus to weak points, a combo that can be completed in ~1.5 seconds from start to finish.

The overheat barrage is also useful for setting Husk-type enemies on fire, which increases damage received for most enemies by 50% and even doubles damage received for the Sisyphean Insurrectionist. The overheat barrage can also maximize the amount of nails in an enemy in order to get the maximum [+CONDUCTOR] damage bonus from the Electric Railcannon, which is 6 damage from 90 nails.

Using Overheat Storage, it's possible to treat Nailgun as a safe mid-range option when getting close is too dangerous. Stick 2 or 3 magnets on an enemy for a strong attraction and use Overheat Storage for indefinite DPS.


  • The Attractor Nailgun and Overheat Nailgun used to use the same form of nails. This was changed after it became apparent that the Overheat Nailgun was superior in most respects, leading Hakita to give the Attractor Nailgun a more damaging form of nail.

Other Images[]

Overheat Nailgun in the hud.jpg

Image of the weapon in the hud

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