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Parrying refers to projectile parrying or melee/ shotgun parrying.

Projectile parrying can be executed by hitting enemy projectiles with the Feedbacker, reflecting them towards the cursor. This will also increase their velocity and deal bonus explosive damage.

Enemies have a brief window before they attack during which they can be parried. Hitting an enemy while they flash with the Feedbacker melee or a point-blank Shotgun shot will interrupt them, dealing bonus damage.

Succesful parries will grant bonus style points and are displayed as [+PARRY].

Coins can also be projectile-parried by punching them, turning them into auto-aim hitscan projectiles.

Hitting an enemy with a parry will heal you up to the hard damage limit. Hard damage is displayed in the health bar as a light grey.

In-Depth Parry List[]

Projectile Parrying[]

Most enemy projectiles can be parried by punching them with the Feedbacker. This reflects the projectile towards the cursor, increasing projectile velocity and causing it to deal 5 explosive damage.

Generally all orb projectiles from enemies such Strays, Schisms, Soldier etc. can be reflected, though some special projectiles like Hideous Mass' mortar projectile and Cerberus’ explosive Orbs can be parried as well.

Ongoing hitscan attacks like the laser attacks of Mindflayers cannot be parried with the Feedbacker.

Uniquely, the charge attack of Malicious Faces and Sentries can be parried by a well-timed Coin toss, yielding the [+CHARGEBACK] style bonus and destroying it instantly.

Projectile Boosting[]

Melee attacking with the Feedbacker directly after shooting with a Shotgun will parry your own projectile. This boosts one of the pellets, causing it to allign with the cursor, gain increased velocity and bonus explosive damage; similar to parrying enemy projectiles. It is important to keep in mind that you do not gain the healing that normal enemy projectile parrying would give you.

Projectile boosting will deal an additional 3.5 explosive damage and grant the [+PROJECTILE BOOST] style bonus.

The ensuing explosion will send any pellet that is still airborn flying away from the explosion. It will also damage V1 for 35 damage if the player is within the explosion radius.

(See the Pump Charge Shotgun for more detailed information)

Melee Attacks[]

Melee attacks can be parried by hitting an enemy with the Feedbacker while their parry window is flashing. Parrying a melee attack will reflect the enemie's melee attack back into it and stack 5 damage onto the attack. This yields bonus style points and the indicator [+PARRY].

Parrying Swordsmachine’s attacks will cause it to enrage briefly.

Parrying King Minos's punch will give a unique style indicator of [+DOWN TO SIZE] and is required for the Challenge of 2-4: COURT OF THE CORPSE KING.

Shotgun Parry[]

Attacking an enemy during their parrying window at point blank range will also cause it to be parried. This increases one pellet's damage by 4 damage and interrupts the target, also granting the [+PARRY] style bonus.

Shooting a Malicious Face at point blank range will always deal Shotgun Parry damage, whether it is preparing an attack or not. This allows for kills in 3 shots if executed correctly.

Shotgun parries work with any regular shot, even with the Pump Charge Shotgun's Overload Blast; as long as the attack is triggered at point blank range.

The Core Eject special attack does not trigger parries.


Drones will start diving towards the player in a last ditch self-destruct attack when they are defeated. This diving attack can be parried with the Feedbacker, launching the Drone towards the cursor similar to projectile parrying.

Drones destroyed by melee attacks are also launched in a similar fashion and do not have to be redirected this way.


Coins can be parried by punching them midair with the Feedbacker, causing them to turn into a hitscan projectile that auto targets nearby enemies. Parrying a coin into an enemy rewards the [+FISTFUL OF DOLLAR] style bonus.

Coins that hit walls or enemies bounce back into the air and can be parried again, storing all damage they received. Stacking damage by continously parrying a coin into a wall is capped at 5 damage. Parrying a coin that dealt damage against an enemy however can keep accumulating damage and can deal incredible amounts of damage if the player is able to keep a coin in the air.

Overview of Parryable attacks[]

Every single attack that displays the parry window with a brief flash and ping sound effect can be parried by a Feedbacker melee or shotgun parry.

Ranged attacks cannot be parried before they are cast; however, some enemies can be interrupted while they are channeling ranged attacks by shooting their projectiles before they attack, rewarding the [+INTERRUPTED] style point bonus.

List of Things that can be Parried
Enemy Action Type Parried Actions
Filth Melee Lunge
Stray Interrupt Hell Orb Casting
Projectile Hell Orb
Malicious Face Interrupt/ Coin Laser Cast
Projectile Hell Orb
Schism Interrupt Hell Orb Casting (Vertical)
Hell Orb Casting (Horizontal)
Projectile Hell Orb
Swordsmachine Melee 3-Swing Combo
Projectile Thrown Sword
Shotgun Pellets
Cerberus Projectile Explosive Orb
Drone Projectile Hell Orb
Self Destruct Dive-bombing
Interrupt Hell Orb Casting
Hideous Mass Projectile Mortar attack
V2 Projectile Revolver Bullets
Revolver Beam
Shotgun Pellets
Shotgun Core Eject
Soldier Interrupt Hell Orb Cast
Melee Soldier melee
Projectile Soldier Hell Orb
Mindflayer Melee Whip
Projectile Flayer Orb
The Corpse of King Minos Melee Fist Punch
Open-Palm Punch
Fist Slam
Projectile Flayer Orb
Hell Orb
Gabriel, Judge of Hell Projectile Spear Throw
Sword Throw
Twin Axes
Minos Prime Melee Dropkick*
Projectile Seeking Snake
Virtue Interrupt Divine Light
Sisyphean Insurrectionist Projectile Malicious Cannonball
Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl) Projectile Flayer Orb
Hell Orb

*Minos Prime's Dropkick and Punch are no longer parryable during phase 2 on Violent


  • The definition of "parry" is "ward off (a weapon or attack) with a countermove."
  • The Sisyphean Insurrectionist can be parried consecutively after being knocked down from its own malicious cannonball, as it can still be parried during this state.
  • Using the Weapon Wheel (Q) to slow down time can make parrying easier.