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The Piercer Revolver is the first gun found in ULTRAKILL and is the blue variant of the Revolver, obtained in [ 0-1: INTO THE FIRE ]. It can deal moderate amounts of damage with its primary fire and can pierce through multiple targets with its secondary fire.


Hold Alt Fire to charge a 3-hit beam.

Requires cooldown.

- The Terminal.

The Piercer Revolver appears to be an energy-powered railgun-pistol hybrid, with a futuristic metallic texture and look. Located near this weapon’s hammer equivalent is a small screen that indicates the cooldown of its alternate fire. It has lights on its screen, cylinder and its barrel, giving off a neon blue glow.


Primary Fire[]

The primary fire shoots a standard hitscan beam at a reasonable high rate of fire, dealing 1 damage. Holding down primary fire will cause the gun to fire automatically. It is also capable of hitting weakpoints, dealing 1.5 damage on limbshots and 2 damage on headshots.

Alternate Fire[]

Upon holding down, the alternate fire will begin charging. It takes approximately half a second for it to fully charge, and after firing it takes around 2.5 seconds to recharge. Upon firing, the Revolver will fire a powerful energy beam that can hit a total of 3 times, dealing 1 damage on each hit. This means it can either pierce through and kill 3 weak enemies or hit a single enemy for 3 damage.

A charge shot can be ricoshotted off of a coin, allowing it to gain additional damage. However, instead of a straight +1 damage bonus for each coin, the charge shot will only gain +0.5 damage for the first coin, and +0.25 damage for each subsequent coin after. This reduction is slightly off-set by it applying to each of the 3 hits of Charge Shot.


Early on, the Piercer Revolver can be useful for taking out annoyances such as Filth and Drones. However, after the first level, the Piercer Revolver's primary fire quickly loses its usefulness, as there are other weapons that are superior in raw damage output such as the Shotguns and Alternate Revolver and weapons that are better at crowd control and targeting weakspots such as the Marksman Revolver's ricoshots. The true utility of the Piercer Revolver comes from its alternate fire, which has a reasonably short cooldown compared to the Alternate Piercer and has a fairly high damage output when targeting the head. It can be used to frequently dish out decent damage from anywhere on the map due to its hitscan capabilities.

The charge shot is able to ricoshot, and can do so fairly consistently due to its faster speed compared to the Alternate Revolver. With 4 coins, a charge shot ricoshot is able to deal 13.5 damage on headshots, a very respectable number.


  • The Piercer Revolver's charge shot was once able to break the explosion-only rock in [ 0-3: DOUBLE DOWN ], allowing players to skip the first encounter with Swordsmachine.
  • The chamber on the revolver's model leans slightly to the left to make it look better on the right-handed weapon position. This is easily seen if you set your weapon position to Middle in settings.
  • With the "NO WEAPON COOLDOWN" cheat enabled, holding the alt fire and primary fire simultaneously will cause the gun to autofire its charge shot.

Other Images[]

Piercer in the hud.jpg

Image of the weapon in the hud

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