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The Revolver is the first weapon type found in ULTRAKILL, taken off a pedestal at the beginning of [ 0-1: INTO THE FIRE ]. With their primary fire, they fire bullets with modest damage and decent fire rate; their consistent accuracy and hitscan shots makes them particularly effective at taking out enemies from range and firing at weakpoints.

Appearance-wise, the Revolver's cylinder is slightly off-center, sticking out further on the left side; it also seems to have only four chambers, which glow different colors based on the variant's color. The Alternate Revolver forms have a slightly different design, with an X-shaped cylinder and a hammer that must be pulled back after each shot; they are much more powerful, though have a lower rate of fire. Instead of glowing chambers, they have lights on the side of the barrel.

The Alternate Revolver can be obtained after activating each of the 4 slab switches, with one in each mission of Limbo.

Types of Revolvers[]

  • Piercer Revolver (Blue) - Revolver that can be charged up to fire a powerful, enemy-piercing laser.
  • Marksman Revolver (Green) - Revolver that can fire up to four Coins to ricochet bullets and Railcannon shots off of.
  • Under Construction (Red) - Unknown/Not Released
  • Alternate Revolver - The Revolver's alternate form, dealing higher damage and piercing more enemies at the cost of a lower rate of fire.


  • The revolver uses electric charges instead of bullets. The rechargeable batteries inside the cylinder allows it to shoot indefinitely.[1]


(Default Variants are in bold italics)
Revolver Variants: Piercer RevolverMarksman Revolver • Red Variant [WIP] • Alternate Revolver
Shotgun Variants: Core Eject ShotgunPump Charge Shotgun • Red Variant [WIP]
Nailgun Variants: Attractor NailgunOverheat Nailgun • Red Variant [WIP] • Sawblade Launcher
Railcannon Variants: Electric RailcannonScrewdriver RailcannonMalicious Railcannon
Rocket Launcher Variants: Blue Variant • Green Variant [WIP] • Red Variant [WIP]
Arm Variants: FeedbackerKnuckleblasterWhiplash • Gold Variant [WIP]