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The Sawblade Launcher is the alternate form of the Nailgun. It can be unlocked in [ 4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL ] by using the Electric Railcannon on the pool of water in the Chamber of the Feline and the Rodent.

Behavioral Differences[]

Primary Fire[]

The Sawblade Launcher shoots out saws that do more damage than nails and will pierce through enemies and ricochet off of walls. The main downside is that it fires significantly slower than the Nailgun while doing less damage per second.

The durability of saws will be slightly reduced if they bounce off terrain, potentially reducing their potential maximum hits.


The Attractor variant will still fire out a maximum of three magnets that can attract nails to it, although now saws will also be drawn towards the magnets. Whereas nails will simply head directly towards the magnet, saws will instead circle around it, piercing any foes can come close to it. This makes it less useful at delivering high amounts of damage to a single target, but it works far better at dealing high amounts of damage to multiple targets.

The primary fire of the Attractor fires out special silver saws that do more damage than regular saws, have more durability and deal more damage to weak husks, but there is a limited supply. Compared to silver nails (of which a maximum of 100 can be held), you can only hold a maximum of 10 silver saws.


Unlike Attractor, the Overheat variant fires out regular saws with less damage, less durability and no extra damage on weak husks, but there is no ammo capacity. Each shot builds up heat, and as heat accumulates the weapon will fire slower with less accuracy and saws will lose durability. Firing Attractor will also instantly build full heat. There is only one heatsink available compared to Nailgun's two heatsinks.

Alternate fire will launch an Overheated Saw with more damage and extremely high durability that will ignite enemies. The more heat accumulated, the more it will multi-hit an enemy upon contact. At near-max heat, it will multi-hit an enemy 3 times. It will also ricochet perpendicular to walls rather than at an angle. Using primary fire with no heatsink available will cause saws to fire even slower with worse accuracy.

Weapon Location[]

The Sawblade Launcher can be found in [ 4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL ], with its location hinted at in [ 4-3: A SHOT IN THE DARK ] after defeating the Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl). In [ 4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL ], after the first jump pad, there is a closed door with a partly open door to the right of it. Past this partly open door is a pool of water. Shoot it with the Electric Railcannon and the closed door will open, giving you access to the weapon.

Pros and Cons[]


  • Higher damage per shot.
  • Shots pierce enemies.
  • Shots ricochet off of walls.
  • Saws circle around magnets, damaging nearby enemies.


  • Lower DPS without piercing.
  • Saws orbit around magnetized enemies, unable to hit the enemy with the magnet stuck in them.
  • No form of Overheat Storage if using Overheat Saw.


  • The saws can be parried to be redirected. This has no damage boost on its own, but deals extra +NAILBOMBED damage.
  • Unlike the Alternate Revolver, the Sawblade Launcher has an actual name.
    • It is also a much more drastic change on the weapon, as the Alternate Revolver merely increased power at the cost of fire-rate, while the Sawblade Launcher outright changes the base weapon's projectiles.
  • Before the 10b hotfix, the Overheat Sawblade Launcher was able to instantly kill P-1's second boss (Sawcon).


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