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The Screwdriver Railcannon is the green variant of the Railcannon, purchasable for 100,000P after obtaining the Electric Railcannon in [ 2-2: DEATH AT 20,000 VOLTS ].


"Fires a powerful drill that sticks to an enemy and deals damage overtime.

The drill causes enemies to bleed continuously with extra healing range."

- The Terminal.

The Screwdriver Railcannon is a large green, silver and light-blue gun that, as its name suggests, resembles a hybrid between a railgun and a cannon. Three yellow-orange wires run from its base to the tip of its barrel, and four horizontal screws run along either side which steadily screw themselves in and spin as the weapon recharges. When fully charged, the light on the top as well as at the base will start to glow, a wheel on the side begins to spin, a green projectile appears within the barrel, and the entire weapon will begin shaking and emitting a noise akin to the whirring of a machine.

The drill appears to be a pure black rod. When stuck into an enemy, it will begin vibrating violently and emitting a large red flash from its top. In addition, blood will begin spurting at high velocity from the wound.


Primary Fire[]

Pressing primary fire will launch a gravity-affected drill projectile through the air. Once the drill hits an enemy, it deals 3 damage on impact and causes 7.25 additional damage over approximately 8 seconds. In addition, as long as they are alive, the enemy will begin releasing large spurts of blood that will heal the player in a wide radius around them. Compared with the Electric Railcannon and the Malicious Railcannon, the Screwdriver Railcannon's damage potential is limited, making its primary utility the healing blood fountain that it produces upon hitting an enemy.

Alternate Fire[]

Holding alternate fire will cause your FOV to lower greatly, zooming your screen in and letting you aim at far-away enemies. This option is quite literally a joke, as it has been confirmed by Hakita that it was only made to avoid having to make an actual alt fire for the Railcannon.

Drill Juggling[]

If an enemy has a drill in them, then it can be punched using the Feedbacker arm to dislocate the drill and send it flying in the direction of the punch. This can be used to move the drill from one enemy to another, which also resets the timer on the drill. While most enemy corpses cannot hold the drill, a notable exception are the corpses of Malicious Faces. If the drill is juggled between enough enemies, then the charge on the attack can reset potentially allowing for several drills to be active at once without cheating.

Punching a drill out of target's body also causes the target to take additional damage.


In almost all situations, the Screwdriver Railcannon should not be used for damage alone. Its utility comes from its ability to create an easily accessible source of blood, such as during a boss fight or when there are numerous dangerous enemies in the area that require you to stay on the move. Against extremely mobile bosses such as V2 and Gabriel, who are notoriously difficult to get blood from, the Screwdriver Railcannon can indeed be useful. In the Cyber Grind, it can be a handy way to replenish health while still remaining mobile. Additionally, the Screwdriver Railcannon has a niche usage where it will prevent a Mindflayer from teleporting, making it easier to hit and kill them. A drill shot slows down V2's general movement speed as well, making it an easier target.

Bizarrely, the Screwdriver Railcannon is actually extremely good against the Hideous Mass. Just two screwdrivers in a Cyber Grind Hideous Mass's tail or belly weakpoint will be able to kill it completely, giving you large amounts of health in the process. While waiting for the recharge to fire two screwdrivers isn't very practical, just firing one can suffice, with shotgun swapping allowing you to take out the rest of its health as the Screwdriver deals damage over time. If done properly, firing a drill into its belly point and shotgun swapping continuously can take out a Hideous Mass in under 5 seconds. (This is likely due to the fact that the Hideous Mass can take extra damage from projectiles on its weakpoints, a property that no other enemies share. Thus, both the screwdriver projectile and shotguns are able to deal massive amounts of damage against the Hideous Mass.)


  • The weapon icon of the Screwdriver Railcannon has a reference to the anime Gurren Lagann. The drill projectile depicted in the icon is based off of the main characters core drill, which acts as a key to his mech.


Image of the weapon in the hud

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