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The Shotgun is a gray, covered in rust double-barrel break-action shotgun obtained after beating Swordsmachine's first phase in [ 0-3: DOUBLE DOWN ].

The Shotgun's Primary Fire shoots 12 pellets by default, which can be Parried with the Feedbacker to turn one into an explosive projectile; hitting an enemy with the exploding pellet gives the [+PROJECTILE BOOST] Style Indicator.

Types of Shotguns[]

  • Core Eject Shotgun (Blue) - A Shotgun that can overheat and launch its cores like a grenade.
  • Pump Charge Shotgun (Green) - A Shotgun that can be pumped to make the Primary Fire shoot off more pellets, or can be overloaded to cause a large explosion.
  • Under Construction (Red) - Unknown/Not Released


  • The Shotgun can be obtained one (1) level early by defeating Swordsmachine in a secret encounter in [ 0-2: THE MEATGRINDER ].
  • The Shotgun shoots concentrated heat instead of bullets. While using the Core Eject, you can see the heat cores being cooled down between shots[1].
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