To all lost souls who enter the dark halls of [ 0-S: SOMETHING WICKED ], they may find themselves against a foe most insurmountable, even by the strongest who have braved the torment of Hell. Only the foolhardy would dare enter its domain, and only the lucky will make it out alive...

Nobody will be alive.


Something Wicked is a very thin humanoid creature with deadly speed and strength. It can easily outrun V1 on the ground, destroy them instantly upon contact, and simply teleports away when hit. This, coupled with the mission's near-complete darkness, makes it an incredibly dangerous creature.

It will only ever be seen in brief glimpses (usually moments just before death); this, plus the general darkness of the mission and V1's arsenal being limited exclusively to Arms and the basic Piercer Revolver, means that paying attention to audio cues will be vital to survival.

The hunt begins the moment V1 picks up the Blue Skull, indicated by Something Wicked's distant groan, and does not end until the Red Skull is placed on its pedestal. A low, droning hum can be heard while it is anywhere nearby, with proximity audio indicating the direction and distance it is from V1; in addition, it will hiss loudly upon spotting V1, giving a chance to get the hell out of there.

Something Wicked cannot crouch or crawl, preventing it from accessing several portions of the map, such as vents and areas with low ceilings, making these spots helpful for quick shelter.

The Piercer Revolver is an invaluable tool if cornered; although it cannot kill Something Wicked, it will force it to teleport to an area far away from V1's current location, providing a brief window of opportunity to escape or further navigate the mission.

Punching with either skull briefly illuminates a larger area, making the task of shooting it, and navigating, far easier.

Additionally, the Whiplash can be used to temporarily illuminate the area ahead of you by whipping the Skull. The Whiplash projectile can also be used to hit Something Wicked and cause it to respawn in another spot, making it extremely useful for finishing the level.

Something Wicked's sinister whisper:

Terminal Data[]

TYPE: ???


Very little is known about this creature. Some speculate it to be a Husk, but due to its elusive and extremely hostile nature, no one has been able to confirm the hypothesis.

Only one has ever been observed and it has never been seen leaving the section of the Mouth of Hell in which it currently resides.


- Any attack will cause it to relocate, but there are no known ways to kill it.

- Its way of attacking is unknown outside of the fact that it happens on physical contact, but no amount of protection has saved any of its victims.

Rending Apart[]

There is no way to kill Something Wicked. Shooting it with the Piercer Revolver (the only weapon available to V1 in 0-S) will temporarily hold it off, causing it to respawn in one of its two spawn points.

However, attacking Something Wicked while using the Clash Mode cheat will cause it to disappear from the map entirely. This is a different effect than shooting it, as Something Wicked is flung out of the map (presumably despawning out of bounds).


  • Something Wicked is the only enemy to appear in [ 0-S: SOMETHING WICKED ].
  • Placing the Red Skull on the last pedestal will make Something Wicked despawn; however, it will instantly respawn exactly where it was if the Skull is picked back up.
  • Because Something Wicked deals exactly 1000 damage per hit, the Damage Taken Major Assist must be reduced to below 10% to survive even one hit.
  • Even with the Blind Enemies Cheat enabled, Something Wicked will still pursue and even attack V1; this may suggest that it uses sound or some other sense to detect V1's presence.
  • Auto Aim does not target Something Wicked.
  • It's one of the few enemies that can't be summoned with the Spawner Arm.
    • it might be due to the creature's unusual behavior. Moving trough map in pre-defined path and teleporting away when damaged.
  • It is actually possible to see Something Wicked in full light on it's level. Simply use the Whiplash to pick the red skull up after passing through the exit doors. If Something Wicked is close enough, it can pass through the doors before they fully close and enter the illuminated exit room. Don't stare at it for too long, since it can still kill you.
  • The model of Something Wicked is actually the demo model of Filth, albeit stretched out and with a black texture.
  • While attempting the [ 4-3: A SHOT IN THE DARK ] challenge (don't pick up the torch), the music will stop and Something Wicked's ghostly whisper can be heard accompanied with the text "Something wicked this way comes..." A few seconds later the music resumes along with a text box that says "Just kidding :)". This confirms that Hakita is in fact a madman who nearly gave players a heart attack not once, but twice. This event will not be triggered if you pick up the blue skull or have not completed 0-S.
  • During the Halloween Event, just like all the other enemies in the game, Something Wicked gets a pumpkin for a head which emits a slight glow. Thus, playing the game with your computer's clock set to October 31st can make beating [ 0-S: SOMETHING WICKED ] much easier.
  • Some in-game files refer to Something Wicked as "Something Evil"