For information about the other variants, see Arms (disambiguation).

The Spawner Arm is a special variant of the Arm that can only be accessed through the cheat menu or the Sandbox.


Unlike other arms, the Spawner Arm takes up a primary weapon slot and can be brought up by pressing 5 on your keyboard. It cannot deal damage, but instead gives you access to a variety of tools.


By pressing the alternative fire button (left mouse click by default) you can bring up a spawn menu. From there you can choose 3 modes for the Spawner Arm.

The Sandbox spawn menu.


This mode has the appearance of a hand with its palm open, facing up. This is the Spawner Arm's default function. This mode lets you choose an entity (like an enemy, or a power-up) and spawn it at the crosshair's location using the primary fire key.

Move (Exclusive for Sandbox mode)[]

This mode has a similar appearance to the previous mode; however, the hand's palm is facing forward. This mode is used for moving objects that were created by the Spawner Arm. Pressing secondary attack while holding an object will freeze it in place.

Deletion (Exclusive for Sandbox mode)[]

This mode has the appearance of a hand with one finger raised, similar to using a Terminal. This mode is used for deleting any spawned objects. A black hole visual will appear upon deletion.


If you spawn an enemy you cannot defeat, you can use the Spawner Arm's deletion mode to erase their existence from this wretched planet.

The Freeze option of the Spawner Arm's Move mode can be used to create strategic cover.


  • The Move function of the Spawner Arm is very similar to the Physics Gun, a tool from the game Garry's Mod, from which the design of the Sandbox map was taken from.
  • Although the Spawner Arm can spawn most of the grabbable items available in the game, it does not include an option to spawn the Moon Pendant.
  • The Spawner Arm has some strange interactions with the Terminal.
    • Changing your weapon loadout at all causes the Spawner Arm to be removed from your loadout even if the Spawner Arm cheat is still enabled.
    • Right clicking with the Spawner Arm to open the spawning menu then walking over to the Terminal allows you to use the Spawner Arm and the Terminal at the same time. Left clicking will click on the button in the terminal you are looking at, and will also select whichever item in the spawning menu your mouse is over, or spawn in something if you have a selection. Right clicking will both zoom in and open the spawning menu if it is not already open.