"If only we knew the suffering that would befall us next..."
This page describes special lore or secret content.
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The Terminal is a yellow touchscreen terminal found in every level’s starting room (except 0-1). The screen lights up when V1 approaches it. It can be interacted with using primary fire key.

The Terminal's main menu has four buttons to the left, used to access its main functions: WEAPONS, ENEMIES, THE CYBER GRIND, and SANDBOX. It also has a TIP OF THE DAY, which is different for every level.


From the Terminal, you can view information about each Weapon form, view how much points you have on the top right of the screen, as well as purchase any of the available forms and/or equip any Alternate forms for them.

Additionally, you can change the priority of each form, determining the order that V1 cycles through them; a form with first priority is automatically equipped when switching to that weapon.

Currently the only way you can see how much points you have is on the top right corner after opening up the WEAPONS menu.

The following is a list of the Terminal's available weapon forms, their descriptions and their prices.

Weapon Form Description Price
Revolver Blue - Piercer Hold Alt Fire to charge a 3-hit beam.

Requires cooldown.

N/A: Unlocked in [ 0-1: INTO THE FIRE ]
Green - Marksman Press Alt Fire to throw a coin.

Hit an airborne coin to deflect your shot into the nearest enemy's weakpoint.

Coins can be chained.

Red - ???
Blue (ALT) - Slab Revolver Hold Alt Fire to charge a 6-hit beam.

Requires cooldown.

Damage increased by 1.

Fire Rate increased by 0.82s

Cooldown for charged shot increased by 2.86s

N/A: Unlocked after activating all 4 Slab Switches scattered across all of the limbo levels
Green (ALT) - Slab Marksman Damage increased by 1.

Fire Rate increased by 0.82s

Shotgun Blue - Core Eject Press Alt Fire to overheat and launch the shotgun's cores.

Hold to charge distance.

Explodes on impact.

N/A: Unlocked in [ 0-3: DOUBLE DOWN ] or through a secret in [ 0-2: THE MEATGRINDER ]
Green - Pump Charge Press Alt Fire to pump your shotgun, increasing the power and decreasing the accuracy of your next shot.

Too many pumps will cause an explosion when fired.

Red - ???
Nailgun Blue - Attractor Alt fire to shoot a magnet that pulls all nearby nails towards it.

Magnets stick to surfaces and enemies and can be broken with hitscan weapons.

N/A: Unlocked in [ 1-1: HEART OF THE SUNRISE ]
Green - Overheat Alt fire while shooting to overheat for a quick burst of high damage at the cost of a heatsink.

Heatsinks recharge while not firing.

Red - ???
Blue (ALT) - Attractor Sawblade Launcher Alt fire to shoot a magnet that will make nearby saws circle around it. N/A: Unlocked through a secret in [ 4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL ]
Green (ALT) - Overheat Sawblade Launcher Alt fire to shoot an incendiary saw that can pierce for multiple hits at the cost of a heatsink.
Railcannon Blue - Electric A powerful instant piercing shot.

Pierces through all enemies. Pay attention to your positioning to maximize destruction.

Don't use in water.

N/A: Unlocked in [ 2-2: DEATH AT 20,000 VOLTS ]
Green - Screwdriver Fires a powerful drill that sticks to an enemy and deals damage overtime.

The drill causes enemies to bleed continuously with extra healing range.

Red - Malicious Fires an instant beam that causes a large explosion on impact, similar to a certain familiar face.

Wipes out groups of weak enemies with ease.

Arms Blue - Feedbacker Fast punch with decent damage.

Can parry projectile attacks, including shotgun shots and coins.

N/A: Default
Red - Knuckleblaster Slow punch with high damage and knockback.

Hold Punch to blast shells inside the knuckles, causing a shockwave that knocks surrounding enemies away.

N/A: Obtained in [ 1-4: CLAIR DE LUNE ]
Green - Whiplash A winch with a spear. Hold to throw, release to pull.

Can pull light enemies and items, will get pulled to heavy enemies and grapple points.

N/A: Obtained in [ 4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL ]
Yellow - ???


The Enemies tab shows a grid of thumbnails featuring most of the enemies V1 has encountered thus far; selecting each of these images will show a small spinning model of the enemy alongside lore and combat advice.

Each of the enemies' profiles has a background color corresponding to what group they belong to; Husks are red, Machines are blue, Demons are green, Angels are yellow and ???/Miscellaneous are grey. They are further divided into "tiers" from Lesser X to Greater X to Supreme X. For instance, Filth are Lesser Husks while Hideous Mass is a Greater Demon.

Terminal Data for each enemy can be found on its corresponding page; to browse a list of enemies, see Enemies.

The Cyber Grind[]

The Terminal can be used to access The Cyber Grind at any point, rather than going back to the main menu. When in the Cyber Grind, this option instead leads back to the level you came from, or back to the main menu.


The Terminal can also be used to access the Sandbox as well. Similar to The Cyber Grind, the option returns you to the level you came from, or back to the main menu.

Tip of the Day[]

Each mission has a "Tip of the Day", viewable on the Terminal's main menu. These typically give helpful advice and tips for the next area or for newly-acquired Weapons.

The Tip of the Day for each Mission can be found on its corresponding page; to browse a list of missions, see Levels.

Tips of the Day
Act Layer Level Tip Notes
The Cyber Grind N/A N/A If blown too far off the arena, PUMP CHARGE's overcharge is a good way to get back.
Prelude Overture: The Mouth of Hell 0-1: INTO THE FIRE N/A This level has no Terminal.
0-2: THE MEATGRINDER Hitscan weapons like the Revolver do locational damage.

A headshot deals 2x damage and a limbshot deals 1.5x damage.

0-3: DOUBLE DOWN Dash: Fully invincible, costs stamina

Slide: Greater distance, no invincibility

Jump: Quickly out of melee range, less control

Helpful tips for the upcoming Swordsmachine fight
0-4: A ONE-MACHINE ARMY Shotgun parries:

A point-blank Shotgun shot to the torso right before an enemy attack lands will deal massive damage.

You can punch the shotgun pellets, you can PUNCH THE SHOTGUN PELLETS from your shotgun and make them faster and explode. - Civvie 11
0-5: CERBERUS Attack sound cues allow you to keep track of enemies who are off screen.
Act 1: Infinite Hyperdeath Layer 1: Limbo 1-1: HEART OF THE SUNRISE Some enemies make idle sounds to make them easier to track. A tip for the upcoming Drones.
1-2: THE BURNING WORLD Use the ATTRACTOR NAILGUN's magnets to form concentrated orbs of nails that can be moved around using the pull force of other magnets. Advice for the Nailgun acquired in the last level.
1-3: HALLS OF SACRED REMAINS Enemies can hurt other enemy types.

With quick thinking and positioning, powerful enemies can turn into powerful weapons.

Friendly Fire
1-4: CLAIR DE LUNE The ATTRACTOR NAILGUN's magnets can be attached to enemies to make mobile targets easy to hit with nails.
Layer 2: Lust 2-1: BRIDGEBURNER Enemies scream when falling from a fatal height.
2-2: DEATH AT 20,000 VOLTS Slam Bouncing: Jump immediately after landing from a ground slam to jump higher.

The longer the ground slam fall, the higher the bounce.

Squash and some air time.
2-3: SHEER HEART ATTACK RAILCANNON variations all share the same cooldown. Choose wisely which variation best fits the situation. Advice for using your shiny new Railcannons :)
2-4: COURT OF THE CORPSE KING SLIDING will retain previous momentum for a short amount of time.

Chaining quick SLIDE JUMPS after a DASH JUMP will give you incredible sustained speed.

Useful for getting through the level faster.
Layer 3: Gluttony 3-1: BELLY OF THE BEAST Environmental hazards such as harmful liquids will hurt enemies as well. This level introduces acid.
3-2: IN THE FLESH If you're having trouble keeping up with a tough enemy, stand back and observe.

Every enemy has its tells and patterns and learning those can be your key to victory.

Helpful advice for the fight against Gabe.
P-1: SOUL SURVIVOR Parries can be used as a powerful healing tool. Parrying any enemy projectile or melee attack will fully replenish your health up to the hard damage limit. Parrying is good for this level against Flesh Prison and Minos Prime.
Act 2: Imperfect Hatred Layer 4: Greed 4-1: SLAVES TO POWER HITSCAN weapons can be used to hit the shotgun's CORE EJECT in mid-air to increase its damage and blast radius Virtues are really good for getting out of risky situations because of it's death shockwave.
4-2: GOD DAMN THE SUN POWER-UPS can be stacked. You can stack as many Duel Wield power ups as you can.
4-3: A SHOT IN THE DARK Hitting an enemy with only the edge of an explosion will launch them without dealing much damage, making it risky but effective tool against stalkers. Advice to use those ground slams against Stalkers
4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL Airborne coins can be shot with any hitscan weapon. Tip against V2's coins
Layer 5: Wrath 5-1: IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON
5-3: ???
5-4: ???
Layer 6: Heresy 6-1: ???
6-2: ???


(NOTE: Some of these will likely become outdated following the release of future Acts.)

  • The song that the Terminal plays is called "Take Care" and is based on a song called "Were you Foolin" by Russ Morgan.
  • It is possible to unequip every weapon, including V1's Arms; fortunately, V1 can still interact with the Terminal via their latent psychic powers.
  • The colors for the Arms are out of order.
  • In the terminal entry of [P-1: SOUL SURVIVOR], it is explained how the Terminals function and why they were created.
    • In the above-mentioned entry, it is also suggested that the Terminals might be sentient to some degree, being capable of shyness and using music to form a symbiotic relationship with other machines.