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Why should you contribute?[]

Every single revision helps. Seriously. Even asking for someone to make a revision helps. We could use ANY amount of help. Our wiki only has 122 articles.

What's there to do?[]

Create an article[]

Look around the wiki! There are plenty things that aren't covered or don't have their own page! Gathering information is what wikis like this one are made for, and you can help making this wiki the best it can be by providing it!

Provide media[]

Plenty of articles need images! Fly around the map and take some screenshots, we'll put them to good use!

Finish To-dos[]

Some people are better at starting articles than finishing them. Articles marked with a "To-do" template need someone to provide missing data. Some need images, some need strategy info and some just need a bit of rewriting. If you feel like helping the wiki in any way, finishing up articles is certainly one way to do so!

Link articles together[]

Navigating through the wiki doesn't have to be hard. Use links to connect pages together! Like this: Whiplash, Stray, Secret V3 encounter.

Update "DID YOU KNOW..."[]

On the home page of the wiki, there's a little box with "DID YOU KNOW..." written above it. If you have any cool or interesting facts about ULTRAKILL, you can write into the box's template without having to edit the home page itself.

Mark for deletion[]

Some articles are better than others. Some just straight up make no sense. If you think an article is not helping the wiki, you can use a "Delete" template. This will add a "Candidates for deletion" banner to the page and notify administrators.

Check the guidelines for tips at creating articles!

Look at our community page for more help![]