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The Whiplash is the green variant of the Arm, obtained after finishing off V2 in [ 4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL ]. It will drag you towards big enemies and bring smaller enemies to you. It also does a small amount of damage.


A winch with a spear.
Hold to throw, release to pull.

Can pull light enemies and items, will get pulled to heavy enemies and grapple points.

- The Terminal.

The Whiplash appears to be a yellowish-green robotic arm with a stone spearhead attached to it by a rope. It is capable of throwing out and extending this makeshift grapple, pulling it back via an unseen winch within. The arm itself has a somewhat worn down appearance, with various scratches along its paintjob,


Unlike the Feedbacker or Knuckleblaster, you cannot switch to the Whiplash; instead, it is automatically used by pressing its dedicated hotkey (R by default), which will pull you to big enemies and grapple points and bring small enemies to you. You can also dash while in the process of pulling/being pulled by an object.

Holding the Whiplash key will fire it for a longer distance, and stick into an enemy without immediately pulling them to you (or vice versa). If line of sight is broken with an enemy attached, the hook will detach from them. Using another arm while using the Whiplash will cancel the Whiplash and vice versa.

The Whiplash can grab and place items from extreme distances and through small gaps. Note that it only applies to physical items like Skulls and not pickups like Soul Orbs.

Whiplash can be cancelled mid pull by using the Whiplash key again, or by using another arm. The momentum of the pull is preserved when detached, either for V1 or the enemy pulled.

You can jump while being pulled to cancel and gain a small jump in mid-air at the cost of some momentum.


If you're falling off of the Cyber Grind arena and don't have enough health for an overcharge, grappling onto a big enemy can get you back onto the platform.

Pulling a Drone toward you and then hitting it with the Knuckleblaster or the Feedbacker (hard to time, you need to hit the drone while it is being pulled towards V1) can be a deadly weapon and it awards you with the [+HOMERUN] style bonus. Alternatively, pulling yourself towards a Virtue and killing it with a punch nets you the same bonus.

When combined with the Shotgun or Knuckleblaster, you can pull smaller enemies to you and use them as a safe means of healing. You can also pull yourself toward a large enemy to heal off of them that way.

Pulling an enemy toward yourself while you're in mid-air can allow you to maintain your position in the air by jumping off of the heads of grappled enemies. This allows you to gain considerable height in the air without the usage of walls or jump pads.

It's also worth noting that smaller enemies will stop firing or charging their attack as they are pulled toward you.

You can cancel a pull by either jumping in the middle of it or tapping the Whiplash key again. However, jumping out of it will cause you to lose a fair bit of the momentum whereas unhooking via the Whiplash key will actually preserve the momentum from the pull. This method also applies to smaller enemies in a reversed sense, meaning you could pull and unhook an airborne enemy down to the ground with enough momentum to splatter them.

Pressing the ground slam button while being pulled towards a larger enemy or grapple point will not cancel the pull. However, you will start storing slam height which is released after reaching the target.


  • The Whiplash was originally teased with a picture of V2 with the arm captioned: "Lets finish this fight, shall we?"
    • Due to the lighting in that teaser image, many people mistook the arm for being yellow
  • A Whiplash jump can be combined with a regular jump, either by jumping off an enemy mid pull or off the ground.
  • All games, including ULTRAKILL, are improved by having a grapple hook.